Man suffered 35 years of headache – now Doctors have found a cause in his mouth

For 35 years, plagued with a 64-year-old man with unexplained headaches, restricting his quality of life massively. They occurred mainly in the morning and in the evening. After the Doctors were able to for years, can find no cause, made an oral surgeon and finally the ultimate discovery.

It was a 35-year martyrdom: at the beginning of the headache, only once in a while. Then they were getting stronger and made a 64-year-old Americans are three to five Times per week problems.

They started behind the ear and moved slowly in the direction of forehead and temples, where the right side was always more affected than the left. Finally, he was able to ride his everyday life only with a combination of Paracetamol, Aspirin and caffeine best. As the pain didn’t subside still, he resorted to the means of codeine and Paracetamol, which he combined three times per day to took, explains a doctor in the “British Medical Journal”.

Doctors could not help him initially

As the man turned at some point to a doctor, could find no signs of a disease. The 64-Year-old seemed to be at first glance, healthy, smoked, drank no alcohol, took no drugs and had no neurological disorders. Five years ago, identified high blood pressure, which will be treated with medication, could be excluded as the cause.

Finally, the diagnosis: chronic migraine without Aura was. This was treated with a migraine drug, which he dropped but because of strong side effects such as extreme dizziness again. So the man suffered for years with headaches, without an explanation.

The true cause was to be found in his mouth

The Doctors started the Patient completely to light. However, everything was examined, was in the normal range, and was thus inconspicuous. The only thing that the Doctors noticed The man had very bad teeth. Extensive procedures such as root canal treatments and fillings had been made.

Although managed externally, are no Pain areas or gum changes detected, the 64-Year-old remembered, however, that in the case of stronger tooth pain, the headache increases. Then, the man visited an oral surgeon, which by means of x-rays of the mouth, finally the mystery was resolved. On the images, two collections of Pus in the gums were visible above and below a jaw of the tooth to be – both on the right side. This led to years of severe headaches.

After 35 years, finally pain free

After the Pus lesions were removed by surgical procedure, and the man took ten days of antibiotics to counter the inflammation that resolved the headache, finally, piece by piece. At follow-up, 24 months later, the Patient was 35 years, again for the first Time completely pain-free. His quality of life has improved significantly since then, said the man.

Doctors warn this case is that you can ignore, especially longer-lasting headache or underestimate should. In the case of migraine, which runs in the face, must be considered in the teeth in more detail. Often problems that are not evident at first glance, there are.

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