Group rape in Mülheim: psychotherapist explains what drives children to such act

What goes on in the minds of children in the group on a defenseless victims of attack and rape? In Mülheim at the Ruhr, a young woman was in need on Friday by several of the young miss. Psychotherapist, Christian Lüdke explains: The Foundation stone for such a behavior is usually laid in early Childhood.

A young woman is dragged on the Friday night in a wooded area and raped have been. The police suspected a group of children and young people to have done the deed. Particularly shocking: Two of the Suspects are just twelve years old. You should have need of the woman, together with three 14-Year-old miss.

"There was violence in the game, massive Gewalt"

Violence in the group, this is a particularly cruel, but not a rare phenomenon. Alone in 2017, the authorities determined against 467 Suspicious. More than a third of them were teenagers or Adolescents under the age of 21, mostly male. In the past year, a case that shocked Westphalia in Velbert in North-Rhine, Where eight young people aged between 14 and 16 years, moved a girl in a forest, degraded, humiliated, and raped it over a longer period of time. The fact they filmed with the mobile phone.

Similar to cruel scenes could have taken place last Friday in Mülheim an der Ruhr played. "There was violence in the game, massive Gewalt", a police spokesman reported. Local residents were against 22.15 o’clock on the fact, carefully, because her dog was barking and not calm let. They had discovered behind your garden an injured woman and two male persons and the police agreed.

The victim was injured to the hospital. Against the five alleged perpetrators, the police are now investigating because of a "heavy Sexualdeliktes" – which according to the law, if the sexual intercourse occurred or the act was jointly committed.

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Violence in the group: Usually there is a leader

In the case of a group rape, experts see a dangerous combination of sexuality, power, demonstration, and group dynamics. Usually there is a leader, others are followers.

"A sufficient aus", psychotherapist, Christian Lüdke says in an interview with FOCUS Online. "Even if the other kids are mentally reasonably healthy, you can let a single child with a higher criminal energy infect. You do then simple."

A typical group phenomenon show itself: The individual thinks his Action could not be so bad, the others make Yes finally. "They do not feel responsible for their deeds, feel comfortable in the group anonym", Lüdke explains. Some children also had anxiety to the leader and to be the victim.

In the group a special &quot emerging;We Gefühl", after the children aspire to. You are sitting together in a boat, shares a similar fate – the fact up to the dock.

Also in such cases of abuse is usually a lack of consciousness of injustice and a wrong image of women the perpetrators. This was particularly influenced by the mass-to-access pornographic Material on the Internet, explains Lüdke. In the network, the boundaries between reality and virtual world blurred. Men demonstrate in pornographic films often use their Power over women, suggesting that a woman could simply take. Children can hardly distinguish What is real and what is running according to script?

Children are often emotionally neglected

The origin of the coarsening Lüdke, to take care of for many years, especially to the victim care in early Childhood: The majority of offenders have experienced in their family, no emotional attachment. "You don’t have to sein&quot been abused;, stresses Lüdke. "It’s enough that you get no affection, emotional neglect."

Then there is the danger that children fight for the attention of your fellow human beings with more and more drastic means to insist: you tell lies, develop eating disorders or become violent – a cry for attention. "If I am already loved, I want to werden&quot at least with the same intensity of hate;, summarizes Lüdke the idea behind such a behavior pattern.

Young often lack the right role models

Central role models in Childhood the parents are. Especially the mother plays an important role, since it is connected in the first years of life extremely closely with their children, explains Lüdke. The children dissolve slowly, to develop your own personality, case, it is particularly young hard to develop their own male identity, especially in families in which the father is rarely at home.

"Many boys lack male role models that set the limits to, and a natural authority aufweisen", noticed Lüdke. Educators and teachers were, for the most part female, especially in day-care centres, kindergartens and primary schools. In addition, there is nowadays hardly a socially accepted guiding principles – be they athletes or musicians – where young Orient. The Wealth of information on the Internet make it impossible to separate the good from the bad role models.

Perceived values of children to learn with their peers or older children. "You are easily influenced, easily manipulated. If a classmate has an increased level of criminal energy, follow him, without it nachzudenken", warns Lüdke.

Isolation and aggressiveness – two of the warning signs

A child suddenly changes his behavior, should parents, teachers or classmates are suspicious, recommends psychotherapist, Christian Lüdke. Especially if:

  • the child falls silent, suddenly pulls back
  • or aggressive scratching, or biting.

Children expressed their problems rarely verbal. Instead, a sudden change in behavior could be a sign that the child is under high Stress and sooner or later, in an act of violence brings.

Studies of delinquent children and adolescents have shown, according to Lüdke, moreover, that serious criminals to show three symptoms, before you commit a deed such as in Velbert or Mülheim:

  • The child tortures animals.
  • It is playing with fire.
  • It’s wetting the bed again.

Moreover, in many cases, compulsive Masturbation, and a high level of sexual arousal at the thoughts of Violence.

Teachers should contact parents to ensure, if you notice in students the appropriate signs. Parents should get professional help. The first course could lead to the child’s doctor to see if the child is age-appropriate develops, recommends Lüdke.

The offender should have filmed abuse

As the offender in Velbert and also the group should have in Mülheim an der Ruhr the rape with the mobile phone filmed. Offenders give in to the appeal of your Attacks on a mobile phone to record some parts of the video material later on, even in social networks.

Lüdke is believed that this two motives: firstly, the perpetrators want to specify. They want attention, recognition and admiration, you can’t reach in a positive way. On the other, such a Video can serve as a trophy, can see the perpetrator again and again. The weaker the victim feels, the more strongly the offender will feel. This Power-Kick can be a video recording always re-summon, you can extend the Tatrausch. "It is the paradoxical attempt of self-therapy to the measly self-esteem stärken", describes Lüdke.