In the case of many drugs, intensive counseling is needed

Almost every third drug, the pharmacies make, is solely due to its dosage form is consultation-intensive – regardless of the active ingredient. This includes inhalers or syringes include, for example,. In the year 2018, the pharmacies were about 190 million packs of these medicinal products to the detriment of the statutory health insurance (GKV).

"A pharmacist can advise as to active ingredients, pharmaceutical experts only, but can demonstrate to their patients how they form a complex product, for example, eye drops, or dry powder inhalers, right anwenden", Dr. Andreas Kiefer, Chairman of the Executive Board of the German drug testing Institute e. V. (DAPI), and President of the Federal chamber of pharmacists says. The DAPI prescription data of statutory health insurance from the Insured is not appreciated, recognized, but the dispensing of medicines without prescription and private insurance.

The largest share of the consulting-intensive dosage forms accounted for solid pharmaceutical products such as extended-release tablets, should not be used without consulting the doctor or pharmacist divided (88 million packs). On place two and three drugs followed by Inhalation (23 million packs) and injection (22 million packs). More advice-intensive dosage forms of medicines for application to the eye, in the nose or in the Anus. Pharmacists to explain to their patients the correct application of solid dosage forms, which may not be easy swallowed. An example of this medicinal tablets are slow to dissolve under the tongue forms of Sublingual.

Medicinal products are used incorrectly, patients do not notice this usually. Misuse can, however, change the effectiveness of medication or cause adverse effects. Pine: "Each Patient in the pharmacy, the correct application of his medicines to show and explain. In the case of a drugs exchange, for example, because of a new discount contract, can also change the application."


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