Cannabis users enhance sex by putting drug up their BUMS

“If you eat the suppository you will get very high”

Foria founder Mathew Gerso

But one pioneering company has found a whole new way for CBD enthusiasts to get the wonder drug into their systems: shoving it up their back passage.

US company Foria has devised a range of broad-spectrum CBD suppositories which are designed to pop pot up a user’s pooper providing, they say, soothing, anti-inflammatory effects without any psychoactivity.

Some users are also reporting that using Foria’s suppositories either anally or vaginally enhances sex. There’s also a chance of getting high from the products, but only under certain circumstances. 

Foria founder Mathew Gerson explained to Metro: “If you take cannabis vaginally, it’s not going through the liver and most women do not report feeling any kind of psychoactivity…” but, he added: “…if you eat our lubricant you will get high – and if you eat the suppository you will get very high“.

Whacking weed up your hoo-hah might seem strange, but it’s a very ancient practice. Cannabis and honey pessaries were used by the ancient Egyptians for treating a variety of conditions.

Cannabis oil can not only make sex more pleasurable, it can in some cases make it possible.

Sex educator Ashley Manta, who runs her own weed-themed sex site Cannasexual, said that childhood trauma made it impossible for her to enjoy sex as an adult, until she discovered THC oil.

Now, she tells Metro: “‘I am having hands down and without reservation the best sex of my life and I am so happy that I have travelled from being a survivor of sexual violence who struggled with enjoying sex to being ravenously hungry for amazing pleasure.”

As it presently stands, any byproducts of the Cannabis Sativa plant that contain THC are illegal in the UK.

Both marijuana and the more potent hashish cannot be sold for smoking although a legal cannabis farm has been built in rural Wiltshire for the purpose of growing medicinal cannabis.

The law now allows specialist doctors to prescribe medications based on cannabis, which are most commonly used to treat epilepsy or chronic pain.

The use of cannabis products to enhance sex remains outside UK law, and we at Daily Star online would like to stress that you shouldn’t put anything up your bum unless advised to do so by a qualified medical professional.

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