Popular Celebrities On Their “Quitting Refined Sugar” Diets

Refined sugar can be a real danger to your health if you are not conscious about what you are doing. Over the last few years, we have seen a myriad of campaigns going, encouraging people to reduce their sugar intake and also outlining the many benefits it may have on their bodies. For sure, the message has not fallen on deaf ears as we see popular celebrities who have joined the mission to live a sweet-free life. Though you may see them scooping creamy delicacies from their cups, you would be surprised to know, it is all nuts and veggies! Here are some celebrities who have vowed to take up this task and have reported since – a major success.

As a renowned chef and influencer of the Paleo Diet, it’s no surprise that Pete Evans has decided to go sugar-free. Evans’ motivation came after he noticed that he was aging rapidly – all because of his food choices. He decided to become much fitter because the lethargic feelings were becoming unbearable. His latest cookbook would be ideal for those searching for some great sugar-free recipes.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s mission of healthy living started back in 2010 and subsequently, she started bringing awareness about the dangers of having too much sugar and white processed foods in the diet. The actress highlighted how lifestyle changes could save you from chronic diseases like heart attack. You can follow her tips which can be found on social media or her website.

How does losing 20 pounds in four months sound? Good right? Well, this is the story of Alec Baldwin who made the decision to cut the sugar back in 2011. With the aid of his fitness-conscious wife, Baldwin decided to change his bad eating habits. After a medical checkup showing prediabetes, he had to get his blood sugar under control. Since then, the actor has also reduced his intake of other products like pasta and increased his workouts. 

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