5 easy tips to stay healthy while you party this wedding season

When it comes to enjoying at weddings and eating magnificent dishes, moderation and fun at weddings can go hand-in-hand. Don't believe us? Scroll down to know how to not put on weight during the upcoming wedding season.

With friends and dear ones walking the aisle and your calendar jampacked with wedding invites, one tends to eat out more. We say there is no harm in it as after all ‘Shaadi ka Khana’ takes prominence, while health takes a backseat.

However, whether you’re the bride or wedding guest, you’ll probably want to feel and look your best for the big day. Ideally, we wish to gorge on food and never put on excess kilos. And did you know, it’s not really a far-fetched dream?

If every wedding invitation seems like a stumbling block to healthy living, read our tips for feeling and looking your best amid wedding shenanigans.

Drink loads of water

It is a classic rule and we’re pretty sure you were expecting this one. But, it’s classic for a reason! Weddings get you worked up and amid all the festivities, you can suffer from dehydration, so bring a bottle of water to the ceremony and down a glass between your cocktails. In fact, if you have to control the portions you eat, drink a glass of water. This way, you are going to feel full before you start munching on those starters.

Avoid fried food

Shaadi season can put you into the zone of all or nothing. Let us tell you, you are not alone. After all, the food is just so sumptuous. However, we suggest you indulge in foods that are not fried. Go for dishes that are either baked or grilled like steamed, grilled and sautéed meat and fish. You could also go for salads, but try avoiding fried finger snacks and heavy dips, which are loaded with calories.

Be social and burn the dance floor

The best part about weddings are the people and buzzing dance floors after a sumptuous treat. Get your hearts racing on the dance floor and burn some calories too. Nothing better than eating yummy food and getting to burn it out on the dance floor. Don’t be shy, throw some moves around!

Sip on lemon water

In the mornings and before every meal, sip on warm lemon water. This will not only help you stay hydrated but lemon helps to naturally detox the body. As you get closer to the events surrounding the wedding, it’s important to go above and beyond to balance out the alcoholic beverages and indulgent foods. This way you won’t even feel the guilt of treating yourself to desserts.

Let them eat cake

We know the mind goes topsy-turvy when we see a wide range of desserts in front of us, which is why we suggest you decide what you want to eat. Fill up your plate with fresh fruits and some sweetened coffee or tea. This can really help curb that sweet tooth. You could also try sharing with a friend to limit your calorie intake! Or simply take a bite to decide if it’s worth the calories. If you feel full or don’t need a whole slice to satisfy your sweet tooth, then have a couple of bites instead of the whole thing.

Ditch the alcohol

The celebrations are about to begin and we are here to remind you not to rush into it. Try starting off with a light beer or a small glass of wine. We suggest you avoid mocktails as they are filled with calories. Decide how much you want to drink on the night and limit yourself thereafter. A good thumb rule is to have a drink per meal or a drink per hour. Also, do not forget to keep drinking water.

Remember, it’s completely fine to spoil yourself sometimes. Remember to stay motivated and consistent with your healthy eating. It’s all about moderation, folks!

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