Alec Baldwin said his family ‘live in fear’ after he was ‘attacked’ by Lyme disease

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin tell their children they’re expecting

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The actor, who rose to fame through the soap opera Knots Landing, described his home in the Hamptons, New York state as “tick central”. In a recent interview, Baldwin revealed he had the tick-borne disease several times.

“I think twice that I had it, I got bit twice and I probably had it four times over five years where it came back at the exact same time,” Baldwin told Sean Hates and Dr. Priyanka Wali on the podcast Hypochondriactor.

The actor described how in the past he “got just attacked” by a sudden onset of symptoms and ended up bed-ridden for three days.

He said: “August of one summer I was standing on my friend’s porch at night, and it was a cool evening — it wasn’t a hot steamy evening — and I felt literally this wave go over my back and over my shoulders and kind of wrap around me like a chill, and I got just attacked.

“It came like someone snapped their fingers and put a spell on me.”

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is transmitted to people when they are bitten by ticks–spider-like creatures found in woodland areas.

It’s really no surprise that Baldwin had a tick infestation. In the USA, ticks are common on the East Coast, which includes New York state.

The disease has a wide range of symptoms, including rashes, fever and fatigue, as well as more severe symptoms such as arthritis-like joint pain and neurological issues.

Baldwin, unfortunately, experienced the more severe symptoms.

“This thing just attacks me and I wound up laying in my bed for three days sweating through my sheets and just this horrible joint pain and soreness and exhaustion.

“I couldn’t even get up for like three days,” he said.

Lyme disease can last a matter of months, and some people have reported experiencing the condition for years.

Baldwin revealed that he experiences “inexplicable” joint pain from time to time, despite his initial symptoms being a while ago; but he is aware that he won’t be able to get a diagnosis for it.

The term ‘chronic Lyme disease’ is sometimes used to describe longer-lasting cases of the condition and non-specific symptoms like fatigue and pain, although this term is only used by some doctors.

Dr Wali on the podcast Hypercondriactor said: “It’s super controversial whether it [chronic lyme disease] actually exists.

“This is the most common tick-borne disease in the United States. There’s close to 300,000 people that get this every year and then many of those do not recover. This is a real phenomenon that’s occurring. It sounds like a lot of people have gotten mansplained by the medical system about this.”

In the UK, ticks can be found anywhere but they are more likely to be found in grassy woodland areas in southern and northern England and the Scottish Highlands, according to the NHS.

Because Lyme disease is a bacterial infection, it can be treated with a dose of antibiotics which will be prescribed by your GP if they think you have Lyme disease, states the NHS.

But the ticks can also be removed before they result in an infection using clean, fine tipped tweezers.

If you think you have ticks on you, never crush them with your fingers, make sure you use tweezers to grasp the tick as close to the skin’s surface as possible.

Baldwin said that his wife Hilaria is “pulling ticks off my kids all year long”.

“My wife finds one tick on one of my kids and she’s like, ‘That’s it. Hiking season is over.’ She just terminates hiking season.”

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