Baby drowns in bathtub as mother Smartphone used

The six-month-old Naomi is drowned under the supervision of their mother, Kayla Lynton in the bathtub. Her mother was in their vicinity, discussed but, presumably, with your Smartphone, instead of pointing your attention to your Baby in the water. As the 23-Year-old noticed that their daughter was in danger, it was already too late.

The 23-year-old Kayla from London, lived with her daughter Naomi and her husband Ilan in Tel Aviv. In July last year, she had set her then six-month-old daughter in the bathtub, where the Baby was drowned.

The paramedics called to the mother, as she noticed that her child was lying unconscious under the water, trying to save the Little girl, as "Mirror" reported. Naomi was taken to a local hospital where she fell into a coma and a week later died. Your kidneys were donated to a different girl.

Your Facebook and Instagram Account should be active have been

Originally, the 23-Year-old had claimed that she had been to the toilet and therefore had not noticed what happened with your daughter. After their arrest in Tel Aviv, the police officers examined the cell phone of the mother. Now she is suspected to have during the ill-timing of your Smartphone use and Social Media channels.

The time window is approximately ten minutes, in the Naomi under the water came had to be, indeed, allegedly with the time, in Kayla’s Facebook and Instagram Accounts had been active.

The parents are separated since the incident

Currently Kayla is waiting for a court date, the case shall final be clarified. According to the “Mirror” could face a prison sentence of up to nine years. Ilan and Kayla are separated since the incident.