Be warned, your watch could be 'three times dirtier' than a toilet seat

While most of us will regularly change our sheets, vacuum our floors and do the dishes, we often forget to clean items we use on a daily basis.

Makeup brushes, for instance, are often ignored despite the fact bacteria build-up can cause breakouts and other skin problems.

Another neglected item is the wristwatch.

Though it might not be visible, your timepiece could be a ticking time bomb of dirt.

Admittedly we’re being a bit dramatic, however recent findings by watch and sunglasses specialist, Tic Watches, suggests that your watch is ‘three times dirtier’ than the average toilet seat.

Before you start scrubbing away, bear in mind that different watches require different cleaning methods, however it’s recommended that you give it a wipe with a dry, soft cloth every night and a thorough clean once a month.

For more expensive watches you will sometimes get a special cleaning cloth as part of your purchase, but you can also easily buy one online or in a watch shop.

‘Whether you wear a watch every day, or just during working hours, one thing is for certain, we don’t clean them as much as we wash our hands,’ said Daniel Richmond, managing director of Tic Watches.

‘Unfortunately, not all watches are waterproof, so avoiding any contact with water when we’re wearing them could be the main reason for a build-up of bacteria.

‘For those who wear a watch every day, we recommend giving it a good clean at least once a month.’

The more you look after your timepiece, the longer it will last too.

And there’s the added extra of not walking around with a toilet seat around your wrist.

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