Every second hospital is superfluous?

In Germany, there are too many hospitals. Experts of the Bertelsmann Foundation have calculated that, of the approximately 1,400 clinics, a total of less than 600 would be needed. In this way, could be the quality of care for patients and improve the existing shortages in Doctors and nursing staff to alleviate.

In the study, the authors indicate that many hospitals in Germany are small and often do not have the necessary equipment and experience had to treat life-threatening emergencies such as a heart attack or stroke as appropriate. Many complications and deaths could be due to a concentration to well below 600 instead of today, nearly 1,400 clinics to avoid, write the experts in a press release. Similarly, better equipment, a higher degree of specialization, as well as better care from specialist doctors and nurses were associated with it.

"The restructuring of the hospital landscape is a matter of patient safety and needs to pursue above all the goal is to improve the quality of care,” says Brigitte Mohn, member of the Board of the Bertelsmann Foundation. A primary orientation in driving times going in the wrong direction. “When a stroke patient reaches the nearest hospital, after 30 minutes, but there is no appropriately qualified doctor and is not medically necessary Department finds, he would have been safe dangers’d rather be a few minutes longer to a well-equipped clinic,” says poppy.

For the study, the researchers calculated in a Simulation, such as the reduction in the clinic number would have an impact on a whole Region. The choice fell on the Metropolitan area of Köln/Leverkusen, which is characterized by both urban as well as rural areas. As the Simulation showed, might provide the Region with 14 instead of the currently 38 Acute hospitals better care without the patient would have to take on average much longer periods of driving times. The bundling of medical personnel and equipment would contribute to a higher quality of care in the remaining houses, especially in the emergency care and planned operations. Only these clinics in the Region have the technical equipment to treat heart attack patients appropriately.


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