Fart on the plane – that’s Why a bloating on the clouds is created

For flights of flatulence increases due to the reduced air pressure

The plane floats above the clouds, and in the belly of the air is jammed? The steam &#8211 drain many embarrassing; in between all the other passengers. But it’s the same. The decreasing air pressure in the height leads to the fact that the gases in the body expand faster.

Intestinal gases

The organism produces gases, particularly through the metabolism and digestion. On average, we have approximately 150 milliliters of gases in the intestine. The intestinal walls and enter the blood. The flows in the lungs, and we breathe in the gases.

Flatulence in high altitude are normal, because the reduced air pressure in the intestinal gases to expand faster than they can be inhaled via the blood and lungs. The can be prevented – if the air is jammed, you should drain, however, steam. Image: kasto – fotolia

What happens when you fly?

The higher the plane rises, the lower the air pressure. After the pressure is released, can expand the gases in the intestine faster than you by the lungs to escape – your volume increases by 40 %. Well over 3000 meters, the gases collect in the intestines – we get bloating.

The phenomenon of bloat in the air journey is called by the Crew of the “Boeing Belly”. In the USA, even a machine had to land in between, after one of the flatulence-stricken passenger was fired after each of the Pups is a match to mask the unpleasant smell.

Lack Of Exercise

Add to this the lack of exercise. You know the Pupsdrang probably from crowded buses. If you are pressed tightly sitting between other people, without moving, and is reflected from the outside of the intestines and presses the intestinal gases.


You can get the flight farting &#8211 prevention; with a micro-granulate. This can be without water and dissolves in the mouth. The substance contained Simethicone dissolves the flatulent air bubbles. The active substance they excrete during defecation.

Customized Nutrition

Many airlines pay attention, and with good reason, to serve no legumes, no Onions and no cabbage, to enhance the bloating. It is a good idea to do without during the flight, alcohol, carbonation, and fruit juices. Unproblematic, non-carbonated water, such as herbal teas.

Steam or not?

To fart in the midst of a foreign people, is the most embarrassing – understandably. For health, there is no doubt that If you keep the air in the belly, back, cramping of the intestines, and the air is jammed. The gut is rumbling, you will get abdominal pain. Possible consequences heartburn, shortness of breath, pressure on the lungs and circulatory disorders. You fart so – for your health’s sake.

By exhausting the air in the abdominal cavity, hold Back could spasm of the bowel, and at its bends to the right and to the left in the belly of the air entrapment, which has further complaints. Therefore, the motto applies: “Better to drive. The odour problems that can occur with such consistent Let-it-go-behaviour on Board“, addressing researchers as well. Your proposal is to process, in the future, activated carbon in the Plane, as this Material could neutralize the smell. Professor Strowski, who thinks we should apologize to his fellow passengers in such cases, “simple” has a slightly unusual Council and says: “fly with the leather pants! Through the fabric the intestines are steamed winds and peu à peu.“ (Dr. Utz Anhalt)