Four health benefits of growing a beard that clean-shaved men need to know about

Beards have been back in style for a while now after briefly falling out of favour in the latter part of the 20th century.

After a period of shaving, men’s facial hair has grown back stronger than ever before, bringing with it a whole new market of grooming products and providing a big boost to the beard economy.

Growing a beard is also said to come with a number of health benefits that might make some wonder why more men aren’t abandoning their razors.

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All the other advantages aside – such as looking more attractive, mature, intelligent and confident – having a thick and full beard can promote the following.

Having a beard can protect the skin on your face from harmful UV rays from the sun that can cause you to age faster.

A beard can also act as a natural moisturiser, protecting you from cold air that can cause your skin to dry out.

A beard can actually help keep your face and neck warm in the winter months, protecting you from often freezing temperatures.

So long as you can keep your beard dry, the hairs in your beard help trap warmth and could even reduce your risk of catching a cold.

A beard can protect you from suffering an asthma attack or coming down with hay fever symptoms by trapping dust, pollen and other things that can irritate your respiratory system.

In addition to that, by catching all the harmful particles you’d otherwise be breathing in, a beard can also help ward off diseases that can affect your lungs or your throat.

Every time a man shaves his facial hair, he’s taking a risk, as bacteria that lives on his face could get into his bloodstream via small cuts on his face.

Shaving can also lead to ingrown hairs and could worsen cases of acne, while not shaving will help cover the acne up and allow your skin to gradually recover.

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