From the red plate, you eat less: Five crazy minutes tricks for losing weight

Our senses also determine how much and what we eat. FOCUS Online explains how the brain can outwit, appetite and saturation can be controlled, to keep to lose weight or, at least, the weight.

Undisputed anyone who would like to permanently remove the pass, not on this fact: being Overweight can only work to reduce, if less calories are consumed as the body as energy. This works best with diet and exercise, however, requires some perseverance. However, there are also a number of simple Tricks that are surprisingly effective – and without any effort is to succeed:

1. Color of the plate

The choice of the plate can have a certain influence on Obesity or thinness that is known, especially the Trick with the small plate. If the court is served on a small plate, faster saturation, as if a big was used.

What is less well known is the psychological effect of the color of the harness plays a role. So scientists at the University of Parma have found that the subjects ate less when the plate was color red.

The researchers explain that, among other things, that Red signals originally risk and, therefore, from the outset, a smaller Portion on the red platter.

Other studies show that blue plate proved to be particularly favorable in terms of calories, save. The color Blue is relaxed, therefore, slower eating, and, accordingly, the faster the saturation occurs. Overall, it is consumed less. This view is supported by additional studies, which found that under blue light volunteers, about a third less ate than under white or yellow light, however, this only applies to men. On women, the blue light had no appetite inhibitory influence.

But for scientists, that white plates are the worst, you seduce the most of the calorie intake. This is especially true if the color of the plate and of the court are also similar, so white plate and Pasta with cream sauce or steamed fillet of sole. Then subjects eat. Soft plate color and color of the court, however strong, is eating less, as another study shows.

Ideal for the slim line, because the saturation occurs quickly: red plate, Pasta and broccoli, or a blue plate on which the Steak with green pasta and red vegetables – so, if possible, rich in contrast!

2. The mirror in the kitchen

Visual impressions and their psychological effect, it is also the next Trick. Anyone who looks at cooking and eating in a mirror, eat healthier and less, found a study.

The explanation is simple: The view in the mirror is like a self-control, because it strengthens the self-perception. Who sees himself in a mirror that he’s eating Unhealthy or too much, between meals or even at night, nibbling, feels “caught in the act”, are automatically uncomfortable and consumed less.

3. Mirror on the fridge

For another simple Trick is to eat less, is glued to a mirror (tile or similar size) on the refrigerator door. Before each Opening of the refrigerator, the view falls directly in the face. Involuntarily the thought, then rises, whether the Snack is really necessary. This is intended primarily to protect against to get in the night more often something from the fridge.

4. Loud “No”

To not give in to the temptation only when you look in the mirror, but no matter in what place or in what Situation, can support a loud “no”. Sounds pretty banal, but is surprisingly effective as a in the journal "Clinical Obesity" published study was able to show.

Over eight weeks a group of subjects should always say a clear “no”, if they took a Snack or a second helping. The participants of the control group is logged only for what you took the day. Both groups ate proven to be less than usual, the naysayers were, however, more than three times as often as the extra calories.

5. The scent of peppermint

Smell and appetite are closely linked. The Smell, the molecules from which a fragrance is put together, via the Olfactory in the root of the nose to the hunger center in the brain. In simple terms, the chemical stimuli of Hunger but also Satiety feeling. It is known that about the smell of freshly baked bread or brutzelndem bacon stimulates the appetite. Quite the contrary, but there are also the smells, the hunger feelings, apart from the well-known disgusting odors.

Especially the smell of peppermint is supposed to work. In one study, subjects breathed every two hours peppermint. After a week, they had around 2700 calories less than a control group that used no scent of Mint.

Also, banana and green Apple should have a similar effect, as previous studies of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. And who is particularly fixated on candy, can satisfy with the scent of vanilla, this appetite, as scientists at the St. George's have found a Hospital in London.

And the aroma therapy works for weight loss: a few drops of the appropriate oil on a handkerchief and smell it, not just with cravings, but just before each meal.