Glass body flakes: that’s Why you suddenly have semi-transparent spots in front of eyes – Video

Some immediately think of bacteria or a foreign body in the eye, if semi-transparent stains, or threads interfere with the view. However, there is no reason to panic. The so-called “vitreous flakes” are quite harmless. But how does it happen?

They have experienced this already: you look at a plain, bright surface and suddenly you see semi-transparent spots or threads in front of your eyes float around. If you move the eyes follow these spots your views.

It is not, however, as one might perhaps think that bacteria or foreign bodies before your eyes, but of so-called "Glaskörperflocken". Are the lumps small tissue particles such as red blood cells or Protein. You can swim in a glass body, a large, fluid-filled ball in the center of the eye.

They are always present, but only in front of a bright, solid Background. There are several reasons for this: In the brightness of the pupil, similar to smaller Apertures for camera lenses narrows, resulting in a larger depth of field. Also, objects that are closer to the retina, are then imaged in focus. Furthermore, the disturbances in the field of vision to fall on a smooth surface better than a pattern.

You don’t need to Worry, the "Tierchen" before your eyes are completely normal. If you do not resolve, however, and to see, even in low-light conditions, you should consult better eye doctor. Rip off with the &1: annoying bug is costing cell phone users money