How many can you make?: Number of pushups may indicate heart health

Scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston were able to show with their long-term study, that the number of support of the couch, the men in a single pass, to create, to draw conclusions on heart health and the risk for heart disease.

The results of their investigations, the researchers published recently in the Online Portal ‘the JAMA Network the Open’.

Number of Liegstütze points in men on heart health

In the context of the study, the researchers health analyzed data from more than 1,100 male firefighters in the middle ages, which were collected over a period of ten years.

The men were in average 40 years old and had an average BMI of 28.7 – Overweight light.

At the beginning of the study, the subjects show, how many of you support the piece made. In addition, their maximum strength was measured on the treadmill.

Throughout the study period, the men had to once a year examination, as well as regularly in a questionnaire about your health to fill out.

So many Push-Ups mean lower risk of heart attack

The results of the study were clear. “Surprisingly, the Push-up capacity was associated more strongly with risk for heart diseases as the results of the endurance tests on the treadmill,” says the senior author of the study, Justin Yang, in a press release.

According to the study, men made more than 40 pushups in a passage had to suffer, a significantly lower risk, within the next ten years, a heart attack or other disease of the circulatory system.

Participants completed at the beginning of the study, fewer than ten Push-ups, on the other hand indicated an increased risk.

Thus, the maximum Push-Up ability could represent a simple and free method to assess the risk for kardioväskuläre disease, concluded the researchers.

However, it is unclear whether the study results on women as well as men of other age groups.

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