Ireland: woman’s Finger amputated due to chronic pain

A woman has been amputated in Ireland your Finger. After an accident, you are no longer plagued for years with pain until she could bear this.

The 25-year-old Megan Mullen squeezed at the age of 18 years your right index finger in a car door. Two operations, countless pain pills, and seven years later, the Irish still suffering from unbearable chronic pain. Until it was enough for her and she Hand landed.

With a pressure bandage, you should have cut off the fingers, as reported by the Radio channel “Red FM”. First, they disinfected the place, then you cut the Finger. How exactly are you going on here, don’t want Mullen but the price – she didn’t want others to animate for imitation.

It was only when the Finger was already down, alerted her mother to the rescue. Mullen told the Radio: “I threw away the Finger, so that the paramedics could not take him out, and later on in the hospital were able to sew”.

As the doctors saw the wound, they were astonished: "They didn’t know how I manage to do a clean cut." You’ve had also, according to the Self-made surgery, still in pain, but so bad it can’t be gone. After all, the 25-Year-old smoked a cigarette.

It was not the first Time that the young woman at the Do-it-yourself-surgery tests. With the axe and the hair band she was, however, unsuccessful.