It shocked me: New study to record the value of fine dust-dead in Germany

Since weeks we will be discussing the topic of hot – and an end is still not in sight: Peter Mock, Director of the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT), calls for lower German limit values for fine dust.

“It shocked me that Germany stands out in such a negative way. Among the six cities with the world’s highest death rate due to air pollution, three are in Germany. This must change,“ said Mock, the editorial network in Germany.

According to a study published on Wednesday by the ICCT and the George Washington University (Washington, D.C.) and the University of Colorado Boulder (Denver) die in Germany there are about 43,000 people per year prematurely from the effects of fine particulate matter and ozone, of which 13,000 are due to emissions from the transport sector. Worldwide 385,000 individuals fall, therefore, the annual emissions in the transport sector to the victim. Among the 100 cities with the world’s strongest air pollution, the highest number of early death, according to the ICCT, Milan, Turin, Stuttgart, Kiev, Cologne and Berlin 100,000 inhabitants cases per.

"In ten years, the air cleaner sein&quot is;

Mock said that the share of Diesel vehicles in the transport deck in Germany is disproportionately high. “It is not only the Metropolitan areas are affected. 2015 German Diesel were equipped with more of the particle filters. In ten years ‘ time the air will be cleaner,“ said Mock.

The study show that especially the limits for particulate matter are still too high. You would now be 25 micrograms per cubic meter of air. The world health organization, WHO recommend ten micro grams. “The average fraud in the survey period of 13 to 14 micrograms. We demand that the German limit values are adjusted to the WHO recommendation,“ said the scientist.

Fourth Place

Germany is, according to the study in a global comparison to China, India and the USA in fourth place based on the number of premature deaths in a result of emissions from traffic. Taking into account the population of Germany has, in international comparison, even the highest mortality rate of 17 early deaths 100,000 inhabitants cases per. This death rate is three times as high as the global average and nearly 50 percent above the average of all EU countries.