Just Watching Lucy Hale’s Upper Body Workout Is Making Us Sweat Bullets

If you were to ask us for all the things we love about Lucy Hale, the list would look a little like this:

Take this clip of her slaying a set of pull-ups that she shared on Insta, for example:

Impressive? You bet – but it hasn’t always come easy for the 29-year-old. In an interview with Shape, she admitted she has to work HARD to maintain her upper body strength.

“I work with a trainer in LA, and it started out as ‘let me see if I can even do a pull-up,” she said. “And I couldn’t! But gradually I could do half of one, then one. Over the years I got up to eight – but right now I’m back down to three.”

If we’re getting technical the move is actually a chin-up, which is the exact same vibe as a pull-up except you start with your palms facing you instead of away from you. And to get to the point where she could even do one it required a ton of practice with her trainer.

“We do a lot of moves that are strength training – from circuits to HIIT to just using my own bodyweight,” Lucy explained. “You have to keep at it weekly or you lose those muscles. But my goal is to one day be able to do 10 pull-ups.”

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As for other goals she’d like to accomplish in 2019, they’re pretty much all health and wellness based, like trying out new fitness classes and ramping up her cardio.

“I love working out. I’m just one of those people who genuinely enjoy it,” she said. “I’ve really been wanting to try hot Pilates classes. And I was really into running for a while. I still do sprints, but I’ve lost endurance. I’d like to get better at it this year.”

Thanks for the #fitspo, Luce.

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