Lego launches Braille Bricks to help blind children learn through play

The Braille Bricks are moulded with the same number of studs used for individual letters and numbers in the Braille alphabet.

Non-blind people can also join in the games as each brick will also feature a printed letter or character.

Lego’s art director Morten Bonde, who suffers from a genetic eye disorder that is gradually turning him blind, worked as a consultant on the project.

‘Experiencing reactions from both students and teachers to Braille Bricks has been hugely inspirational and reminded me that the only limitations I will meet in life are those I create in my mind,’ he said in a press release.

‘The children’s level of engagement and their interest in being independent and included on equal terms in society is so evident.

‘I am moved to see the impact this product has on developing blind and visually impaired children’s academic confidence and curiosity already in its infant days.’

After Lego receive feedback from schools, the company will take in revisions before rolling the bricks out widely to schools, free of charge.

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