Many Doctors assume that patients do not want to lose weight

What relates to the willingness to lose weight of patients with obesity, there is a huge discrepancy between the perception of medical professionals and obese patients. The results of the international ACTION IO-study, which was presented at the European obesity Congress in Glasgow.

71 percent of medical experts are of the opinion that obese people were not interested in a weight loss. Only seven percent of the obese patients, which have actually no interest in a 10-fold difference.

81 percent of those with obesity had at least made an intense attempt to lose weight. The Doctors have perceived, but only in 35 percent of patients. This could be a reference to the fact that severely obese people is uncomfortable to talk about the possibly unsuccessful diet with your doctor. In addition, 81 percent of the Obese believe that it is your sole responsibility to lose weight.

Only 51 percent of the obese patients had spoken within the last five years with your doctor about their weight, and had, on average, started only six years after the Problem, not to burden you. 68 percent of them wished, however, that the doctor would bring the topic of weight management during an appointment.

"Our data suggest that people are motivated with obesity to lose weight, and that Doctors have the opportunity to sprechen&quot earlier and more effectively with you over a weight reduction;, Professor Ian Caterson from the University of Sydney said. "A Person with obesity may not recognize the need to reduce the Excess weight only when it has an impact on health."