Mysterious node: Doctors would never have thought of what this man was really

For over two years, a Patient on a node in the neck, returned again and again complained, even after surgery. Until a doctor came to seek the cause of the problem to another part of the body: The man was actually a dental disease.

The man had a real Doctors-Marathon, reported "Mirror Online". The man sought the advice of General practitioners, dermatologists and ENT specialists. But none of the Doctors could tell him where the lump was on his neck and why he could not be removed. Also a tissue sample had no education, so the news portal. After all, the man was a little sigh of relief: In the sample, no cancer cells were detected. Thus, one could assume that the lump was not a Tumor. In addition, the body is not hurt.

The turning point came when one of the Doctors the advice of a dentist moved in: After all, the bump was located directly below the lower jaw. The x-rayed the spot and saw immediately what the Problem was. The roots of two teeth sieen inflamed and have been dead, explains the treating dentist on the specialist portal “zm online”. The fact that the roots were already dead, explains why the Patient had no pain.

In technical language this infection “chronic granulating periodontitis” means A condition diagnosed in the majority of cases, very late. In comparison to the Doctors-Marathon previously, the therapy was simple. The two affected teeth were pulled; to heal the wound began immediately.