NSW Health partners with academia and research group to deliver Massive Open Online Course

NSW Health, the University of Sydney and the Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) have partnered to deliver a new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) which shows how clinical health data can be harnessed for better patient care.

Members of the existing and future health workforce can now access this new foundational curriculum, which the state’s digital health agency eHealth NSW developed in collaboration with the University of Sydney and NSW Health’s Health Education and Training Institute (HETI).

What’s it about

To complete the course, learners will use more than 30 videos and associated learning resources in 12 to 25 hours of self-directed learning, over an estimated four to five weeks.

Access to the MOOC via the online learning platform Coursera is free, with learners having the option to purchase a certificate of completion. Around the end of June, staff of NSW Health will have free access and certification through its state-wide learning platform My Health Learning.

In development for the past 18 months and featuring input from Monash Health Partners in Melbourne, the MOOC is being launched as international reports predict that clinical staff will need the skills to navigate an increasingly data-rich healthcare environment.

For instance, by 2039, 90 percent of all jobs in England’s National Health Service (NHS) will require some element of digital skills, according to the Topol Review, a recently released independent report delivered on behalf of the UK’s Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.

The MOOC is guided by the eHealth Capability Framework, which outlines foundation-level expectations for health graduates and workforce, as well as the workforce expectations for clinical and non-clinical staff, as outlined in the NSW Health Analytics Framework.

On the record

The ‘Using clinical health data, information and knowledge for better healthcare’ MOOC provides a rich and context-relevant experience for all students undertaking health and medical degrees, the NSW Health workforce, as well as teaching staff who seek quality curriculum resources, said Adjunct Professor Annette Solman, Chief Executive of HETI in a statement.

The MOOC explores how digital health is transforming health service delivery in clinical practice “and the tremendous potential offered by growing pools of data being captured in our digital systems,” said Dr Tim Shaw, Professor of eHealth at the University of Sydney and Director of Capacity Building at the Digital Health CRC.

Dr Zoran Bolevich, eHealth NSW Chief Executive and NSW Health Chief Information Officer said, “NSW Health alone creates over 100 terabytes of clinical and corporate data each month. Increasingly, skills and knowledge in basic data analysis are required of our workforce to inform practice, and this MOOC will help to demystify an area that is growing in importance.”

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