Palina Rojinski in the Interview: in the Meantime, I stand by my belly

14. March Palina Rojinskis new Podcast &quot went;Podkinski" on Spotify at the Start. In it, you interviewed in the future, celebrities like Stefanie Giesinger, Guido Maria Kretschmer, and Olli Schulz.

We have turned the tables once, and the Berlin-based power wife’s holes were allowed to ask in the abdomen. A colorful Mix of exciting answers about sports, relaxation, self – love and your current friend came!

Fit for Fun: love Palina, in your first Podcast episode you tell your guest Fahri Yardım: “I had my Makeup not in the mood anymore to do her Hair and get Dressed.” This is the reason why you’re now on the Podcast gone?

Palina Rojinski: (laughs) Yes, it is actually a completely different atmosphere, if you look without a camera and without these Appearances simply with his guest.

How important is your appearance to you?

Palina: With is especially important as I look. Of course, I would also like to that my hair is good and healthy and my skin radiates. And, of course, my physical appearance is important to me.

But that goes hand in hand with this good, interior feeling. I just feel so much stronger and active – active in the sense of, I have my life in Hand, when I do Sport, when I have my skin care when I do hair masks.

I think the body is the home of the spirit – and you should clean up from time to time. Self-love is important love.

What self-love routines do you have?

Palina: I take care of myself and do Yoga, but also kickboxing, or classic Workouts standard exercises such as Burpees, Poübugen, Crunches. The. If the body is strengthened, then one feels better.

What are you doing for stress compensation?

Palina: sports, of course, and otherwise I like to go in the Sauna. But just a wait.

You’re good at, doing nothing?

Palina: (laughs) Oh Well! I can be good in any case.

What do you do when you do nothing?

Palina: I’m lying on my pillow, one under your feet, and watch any of the stuff. So, series, documentaries – I’m a documentary Junkie.

Do you also listen to other Podcasts?

Palina: Podcasts I listen to, not so much, just my work not to influence. If you listen to Podcasts, and a power, then it is not immune from losing his own thing out of focus.

I like Rust, for example, “Audible” on the Radio and of course I stream and also, “Fluffy” on Spotify or “Mixed Hack”.

On the subject of “compare with others” – how is that on Instagram, how do you do you free?

Palina: I do not begrudge just so many people. I think it’s great how many girls are active and do their own thing. There are so many cool women.

For Example?

Palina: Stefanie Giesinger I like, for example. Dagi Bee, I think it’s great or Shirin David. Lary, the singer, I like the power of attorney is your thing.

How to do his thing?

Palina: I believe that if you really to his inner voice, listening to, and with his own interests, then you will not feel the need to compare. Be inspired is okay, but you should be careful to keep its own stars.

What thing do you want to do? What potential lies dormant in you?

Palina: I can so much, not yet. I will definitely learn a lot. I think this is the engine in life, to always learn more, also with 80. I would like to learn to play the piano and I would like to be able to play the guitar. And perhaps even fly a plane.

This is feasible: take flying lessons and go!?

Palina: Right, but we need not so big to think. In Yoga, since I don’t make a stand, for example, always a head. But if I can make it then, wow, then I’m the happiest person in the world.

Or to take a shower if I can do it in the morning, at the end of the cold head. Since I’m already so proud that I have overcome my inner pig dog. It gives me strength. It is not so big, unattainable things need to be in the distant future. It is often the little things where I think, Oh it doesn’t matter… and then I realize afterwards that it has brought what.

That is to say, out of his comfort zone to break out and his Fears will overcome.

Palina: Definitely. Our Fears inhibit us. In most cases, the fear is a real fear.

Let’s get back on your Podcast. As you’re doing with Fahri, a quick round of questions. You’re in the mood for it?

Palina: Clear!

So here we go: sports or Sofa?

Palina: In most cases, sports.

In the morning or evening exercise?

Palina: In The Morning.

Out for a jog or to the gym?

Palina: I would very much like to be outside Jogging, but I just get knee pain after a mile.

What are you doing instead?

Palina: strength endurance Training with my trainer, Nada.

How often do you train?

Palina: I am trying to do it three Times a week.

Cute butt or six-pack?

Palina: A Cute Butt.

Mountain Climbers or Burpees?

Palina: Both Hate Exercises. Hm, Burpees.

Which body part do you train the most?

Palina: Ass.

Which Exercise is your favorite?

Palina: Hydrants, you’re on all fours. My friend has called the times the drunk horse. Because you are standing on all fours, and always a leg behind reflects.

You have problem zones?

Palina: Oh, Yes.

What are the and what are you doing about it?

Palina: I will hide you and present to you not necessarily. Meanwhile, I’m standing more and more to my belly. I now have no big belly, no six pack. I would not now be wandering necessarily belly, but I also think it is fully ok as it is! No one is perfect!

Which sport needs to be invented for you?

Palina: I don’t need is not always what is New. I just would like to dance again.

Post-Workout: protein shake or Pizza?

Palina: A Green Smoothie.

How do you feed?

Palina: I am eating well-balanced, and a bit of Ayurvedic. I take, for example, nuclear extract, and Chlorella grape algae and see that the digestion is good.

Generally speaking, I eat a lot of vegetables and bitter substances, therefore, chicory, Radicchio, fennel, and support with all the resources of my body.

What are your Cheat Meals?

Palina: I love Pizza, I love Pasta, I love a good piece of meat, burgers, fries. Oh my God, I love French fries, of course with Ketchup and Mayo.

Meditation pillow or a punching bag?

Palina: Actually, both. I have a pillow, a meditation, and I have, of course, Boxing gloves. But Meditation helps me at the end, usually more.

Do you have a meditation routine?

Palina: I set a Timer on my phone for 10 minutes or so, so I really can relax. Sit down, close your eyes, on the tip of the nose to focus and then: "Lass" – inhalation, "Los" – exhale.

Bedtime: Snuggle or read?

Palina: Of Course, Cuddling.

With whom?

Palina: Well, I say not…

And the conclusion: Why do we have to listen to all your Podcast?

Palina: He wants to be nothing, but it is much.

We like to surprise. Love Palina, thank you for your time and for the fascinating Interview!

Now Palina is listening exclusively on Spotify to your Podcast "Podkinski". Every two weeks on Thursdays, there is a new episode on the ears. Season 1 with 13 issues at the Start.

Lisa Adrian

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