Product warning: glass fragments in apricot jam found

The manufacturer LEA NATURE calls one of its products from super markets: is a French jam that is made of apricots. This jam is sold by the brand “Jardin BIO”.

Dangerous glass shards found

Caution! In a few glasses of the “Confiture Abricot extra” plug, possibly, fragments smaller Glass. These can cause cuts in the mouth and throat. In the worst case, internal injuries and bleeding even threatening.

The affected product should therefore never be used and instead immediately returned to the Store!

Beware of jam in the vicinity of the border

Although the product is traded mainly in France, but also buyers from Germany can also be affected.

Particularly consumers living close to the border, should check after the visit of a French super market your jams purchase. Against reimbursement of the purchase price of the affected products can be returned in the corresponding Filalen.

Olivia Samnick

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