Robert Mallard health: Coronation Street actor’s hidden condition – the symptoms

Robert Mallard, 26, joined the cast of ITV’s Coronation Street back in September 2016 to play Ken Barlow’s youngest son Daniel Osbourne. Over the last couple of years the show has seen his character involved in a number of dramatic storylines. But in January last year, Rob made headlines off-screen following an appearance on This Morning. Many people took to social media to note the star’s shaking, with some accusing him of being drunk.

Rob Mallard explained his shaking was a symptoms of a health condition he’s had for nearly a decade known as essential tremor

But two months later Rob returned to the ITV daytime show to reveal the reason behind his shaking.

Rob explained his shaking was a symptoms of a health condition he’s had for nearly a decade known as essential tremor.

An essential tremor is a type of uncontrollable shake in a part of the body.

The condition affects around four out of 100 adults over 40 years of age, according to the NHS.

Speaking to This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on the second occasion, Rob said: “[I felt] exposed. I have had this nearly 10 years. 

He went on to add: “I was incredibly embarrassed and then angry and then I started getting lots of messages from people on Twitter saying, ‘Me too’.”

Mallard explained it mainly affects his hands, and added: “By the time I’m 50 it could well be in the voice box and back of the spine.”

To hide his involuntary shaking on Coronation Street, the actor says he uses as many props as possible.

Revealing how the ITV soap helps the condition, he said: “They’re great with me.”

Essential tremor symptoms

The National Tremor Foundation says essential tremor is considered the most common neurologic movement disorder, and is 20 times more prevalent than Parkinson’s disease.

“Essential tremor is a chronic condition characterised by involuntary, rhythmic tremor of a body part, most typically the hands and arms,” it explains.

“Essential tremor is considered a slow progressive disorder and, in some people, may eventually involve the head, voice, tongue (with associated dysarthria), legs, and trunk.

“However, in many people, the disorder may be relatively non-progressive. The tremor may be mild throughout life.”

The foundation says it may be more visible when people maintain a fixed position, and may worse upon performance tasks.

A person with hand tremor may find it difficult to write, drink fluids from a glass, apply make-up and dress themselves.

Essential tremor causes

About half of essential tremor cases appear to result from a genetic mutation, says Mayo Clinic.

But it adds: “It isn’t clear what causes essential tremor in people without a known genetic mutation.”

Essential tremor treatment

Essential tremor can’t be cured but there are treatments available which can reduce symptoms.

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust list the treatment options as:

  • Medication
  • Neurology
  • Botox

If you suspect you have essential tremor, see your GP.

Another Coronation Street star who’s spoken about their health in the past is Tina O’Brien.

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