Sensofar, the Leading-Edge Technology Group within the Surface Optical Metrology Field, Celebrates 20 Years of Business

2021 is a year of celebration for Sensofar, we have been in business for 20 years. Our beginning was enhanced by the passionate and entrepreneurial spirit of our founders, when they wanted to leverage their knowledge about the science of light, to create disruptive technologies that would demonstrate to the market the need for and benefits of optical metrology. Their passion for science became the core of the business.

Sensofar is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its founding in 2001

"The last 20 years have given us plenty of reasons to celebrate," said Roger Artigas, president of Sensofar Metrology.

"Our industry has progressed over the past 20 years in all areas out of the academy fields. Sensofar has played a large role in the defining key moments of optical metrology, and we are proud of our achievements. Optical metrology has become one of the most important phases in quality processes, and our profilometers are the most versatile equipment to measure and inspect surfaces especially with a growing demand due to the miniaturization of the whole market. There are still many challenges ahead, but our future is bright.”

This year we celebrate Sensofar’s outstanding and remarkable past, but also look forward to the opportunities the future brings to the company. For this reason, we want to renew our brand while renewing the commitment made to customers, employees, metrology, and surface inspection, under a new tagline and brand image.

Renewed Sensofar brand

For the 20th anniversary of Sensofar, we wanted to renew our brand while renewing the commitment made to customers, employees, metrology, and surface inspection. This trajectory has led us to consolidate and reinforce our presence and maturity under a new brand image!

We firmly believe the importance of our brand recognition goes hand in hand with the trust placed in Sensofar over time. That is why, during this year of celebration, we wanted to reaffirm our brand by updating the visual identity of our logo.

The process of rebranding began in early 2021 and included staff from around the world. All our stakeholders agreed on the following starting points:

Our brand is much more than a logo

For many people and companies, the brand is a tangible and visual element. However, at Sensofar, we realize that our brand goes far beyond this.

The promise of a positive experience

An experience based on the quality of what we do.


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