Stroke: The time of day you take aspirin may halve your risk of a stroke reports doctor

Dr Xand: Research suggests Aspirin could help with stroke

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“If you think of it like a brain attack, that’s the right approach because it is a medical emergency,” said Doctor Xand. Triggered by a cut-off blood supply to a part of your brain, stroke requires urgent treatment. Although lifestyle tweaks are the best-known intervention for cutting your risk, aspirin could also help.

The University of Vigo found that taking a daily dose of aspirin before going to bed could halve your risk of a stroke.

The Spanish study looked at the prevalence of cardiovascular death in 10,000 men.

Comparing the data based on whether aspirin was taken in the morning or the evening, they found the sweet spot.

Doctor Xand said: “Aspirin is not a thing that everyone should be taking to reduce the risk of a stroke. Don’t rush out and buy an aspirin.”

While this prevention approach might not be for everyone, the TV doctor explained why the timing could play an important role.

He said: “You’re most likely to have a stroke in the morning. As you’re asleep, your body is getting you ready for the day.

“Your stress hormones go up, your blood pressure goes up, heart attacks and strokes happen before noon – most of them.

“So, if you take your preventative medicine in the evening, there’s research to say the effects will carry on through the night and reduce your risk.”

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