Tea: What strain helps what are the complaints

Tea for millennia, the approved remedy. Preparations from traditional medicinal plants such as peppermint, chamomile, or fennel are especially in the cold Season very popular. However, the selection of teas is huge, and the price differences are large. Pharmacist Dr. Volker Schmitt, spokesman for the pharmacist in Bavaria, explains how to recognize differences in quality and what to consider in the preparation.

Colds can be, according to Schmitt, for example, is very good with teas treat: Depending on his symptoms, you can have the pharmacy special tea mix:

  • Tea with ivy leaves, thyme herb, primrose and licorice root have an expectorant effect,
  • a mixture of marshmallow root, Icelandic moss, mallow flowers and fennel calms irritation of the throat and the respiratory tract,
  • Tea with elderberry and lime blossom acts as antipyretic,
  • Gargling with sage tea helps the inflammation in the throat,
  • in the case of cold chamomile tea brings to the Inhalation the relief.

"In addition, there are a variety of herbal tea, which can be applied in the case of other complaints. In the pharmacy you trust for advice, here, knows a lot of Teerezepte and can be on the individual needs of eingehen", says Schmitt.

In principle, the following applies: Good tea smells fresh and has a nice color. Loose tea is usually better than bagged tea. Herbal tea from the pharmacy must meet a high standard of quality: The Pharmacopoeia prescribes a defined content of active substance and prohibits contaminants and pollutants.

In the preparation of it to come especially on dosage, brew time, and water quality. Most teas should always be drenched with boiling water. Herbal teas develop the best effect, if you are drawn for five to ten minutes. Green and black tea should be a maximum of two to three minutes, so that they can unfold their stimulating effect. There are also medicinal plants-teas, need to be prepared with cold water: bearberry leaves-tea against bladder infections is recognized, for example, with cold water. The leaves contain a lot of tannins, which dissolve in warm water and the stomach can be a burden.


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