The vaccine needs to be bought: Flu epidemic, which overwhelmed Germany

Germany has the flu wave. In the third week of January around 2200 cases of illness confirmed to the Robert-Koch-were reported to the Institute, informed the working group Influenza (AGI). This was by far the highest value of this season, which officially began in October and the beginning of December, slowly started.

According to the Definition of AGI, the influenza wave has started in mid-January. It is dominate at the time of viruses of the type A.

The evaluation includes only a small part of the disease process. Because only selected practices send samples and not every flu-the sick goes to the doctor. The real case numbers are therefore likely to be much higher than the previously reported 6334 confirmed flu cases this season. The statistics shall be regarded as a good indicator of the flu’s development. So far, in Germany there were 20 reported deaths associated with Influenza.

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Available doses of the vaccine were not sufficient

In the last severe flu season, about nine million people were gone due to Influenza illness to the doctor. Probably more than 20 000 people have died due to the flu, especially the Elderly with pre-existing conditions. For this season, around 15.7 million doses of the vaccine were available in Germany. It further vaccine from other EU countries has not yet been bought, because that was enough.