There is soon a miracle pill for the flu?

New pill protects mice from death by influenza

The consequences of the flu, many people die worldwide each year. Also, flu vaccination may not fully protect against the negative health effects of all flu strains. Researchers have now developed an experimental drug, which has a broad protection against many flu strains &#8211 can offer; even in the case of infections that currently are often fatal.

Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute found in their recent study, that a new, experimental Influenza treatment protects against the most strains of Influenza. The doctors published the results of their study in the English journal “Science”.

A flu disease is usually very unpleasant and can Affected a few days out of action. Sometimes the infections can even lead to death of the patient. (Photo: Viacheslav Iakobchuk/

Universal remedy against the flu?

There are some flu, which can also result in the death of the patient. Newly developed experimental drug could create this problem soon remedy. Still, however, there are some reservations among experts, because the drug is not yet tested in humans. Nevertheless, some physicians expect that the new molecule is finally the long-awaited cure for the flu.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment uses the natural way the body uses antibodies to fight against existing viruses. Ten years ago, when explained, would have been that a small molecule allows for the effective treatment of the flu, this would have led to a big Surprise for the experts and doctors, explain the authors of the study. The results of the study were, however, clear evidence that tiny little drug as really strong anti-bodies.

100 percent of the mice survived lethal flu strains

So far the only patients, in which the new drug was tested in different laboratory mice. It was observed in the study that even if the mice are deadly flu have been exposed to strains, 100 percent of the rodents survived, if they were treated with the new drug, the researchers say.

Human studies in the near future?

The treatment was also the case in the laboratory-grown human lung cells to be effective, which in the future may be the way for human studies. The results of the study are very interesting and could help to fight dangerous flu. It are urgently needed effective drugs to combat the flu. The novel approach could help to improve the treatment of influenza in the future. (as)