TigerConnect, OpenTempo partner on scheduling platform

Clinical communication and collaboration specialist TigerConnect announced a partnership with physician scheduling and clinical labor analytics firm OpenTempo.


With hospitals scrambling to control costs, care teams and specialists distributed across a health system, and a mobile-savvy patient population demanding a more convenient care experience, demands for instant, virtualized care continue to grow.

There are a variety of healthcare communications platform offerings on the market in addition to TigerConnect, including LiveProcess, PatientSafe, Spok and Vocera.

Last month, for instance, Vocera rolled out Smartbadge, an updated version of its mobile communications device, featuring a larger screen and access to more clinical data systems as well as other features like a more rugged casing and a dedicated panic button.


The integration with OpenTempo works by pairing designated roles in TigerConnect, such as the cardiologist on-call, with the OpenTempo schedule.

This provides joint customers of the two companies with real-time access to physician schedules, allows for role-based messaging, and gives users the ability to aggregate and publish team schedules.

By facilitating communication between providers, important messages and information reach the right physician regardless of shift schedules.

For instance, TigerConnect’s care team assignment lets users add new members to a patient’s care team on the fly as situations change, while the shift-to-shift activity handover feature automatically transfers earlier messages to the next role owner’s inbox.

OpenTempo’s physician scheduling software, meanwhile, helps organizations with system automation, data analysis, productivity tracking tools, and professional services.


TigerConnect also helps healthcare providers collaborate amongst themselves and bring the patient into their workflow at the right time with the right information.

This in turn helps keep patients and family members informed before, during, and after a procedure, hospital visit, or during transitions of care.

Many providers and other licensed caregivers continue to carry two or three devices at a time, which aside from being burdensome, can result in time wasted referencing whiteboards or printed schedules when tracking down on-call physicians.

Platforms like TigerConnect are designed to help ensure secure messages, voice calls, and video conversations are directed to the right physician, at the right time.


“Partners like OpenTempo help us ensure communications always reach the right physician regardless of shift schedules,” said Brad Brooks, co-founder and CEO of TigerConnect, in a statement. “In an industry where every second counts, this integration can quite literally be life-changing.”

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