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A little more treatment of confirmed errors in the year 2019

Each year, more than 10,000 treatment, mistakes during surgery, which can have serious consequences for the person Concerned. A current statistics for the year 2019 shows a slight increase in such errors in comparison to the previous year.

That Medical scientists and physicians serious mistakes, is very rare, but it can have significant consequences. Reviewer suspected cases, according to go – but the overall picture is according to new Figures difficult.

14.553 report due to errors in treatment

Because of suspected treatment errors, experts the insurance companies have reviewed in the past year, slightly more cases – in each the fifth damage confirmed this. Overall, according to patient complaints 14.553 opinions were prepared as of the Medical service of the statutory health insurance funds (MDK) announced.

In 2953 cases showed that errors in health have caused the damage – in the year 2018, 2799, such confirmations were recorded. The most common was, therefore, error for tooth root canal treatments and prostheses for the hip and knee joints.

Error allegations, often after surgery


Most of the errors allegations continue to be in connection with operations. “No conclusions as to the security in the respective areas but it is possible”, explained Stefan Gronemeyer, Deputy managing Director of the Medical service. Here, patients can identify potential errors easier.

Only the tip of the iceberg

The number of detected errors of treatment and distribution are not done areas to medical specialist and representative for the Supply, it said further. The actual number was higher. “We only see the tip of the iceberg,” said Gronemeyer.

If the Insured suspect error, you can log in to assessors and conciliators of the Doctors and in the case of the funds, which then give out a report. In total, there are annually 20 million treatments in clinics and a billion doctor contacts in the clinics.

Despite the security measures a high number of errors

The Medical service expressed concern about a for years, almost unchanged number of errors that would actually prevent usual security measures such as check lists. This includes operations on the wrong body part, or a strong bedsores in the hospital bed. As in other countries, also in Germany there is a national list and a anonymous reporting obligation for this purpose.

There is no Central collection point for doctors ‘ bungling


The German Foundation for patient protection, criticised the fact that there is no statistics to collect the data treatment errors Central. “Courts, Doctors and Medical services will work side by side,” said management Board Eugen Brysch. There is also still no case of hardship funds, which should alleviate the greatest suffering of the treatment of victims. “The promises of the coalition Treaty are not met by the SPD and the Union.” (vb; Source: dpa)

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