Two experts explain: Swallow spiders in your sleep really?

For many, the most terrible idea is it anyway: In my sleep, a spider crawls in your mouth and you swallow it unknowingly.

In fact, there is an Urban Legend that claims exactly this: Up to eight spiders in a year to &quot every person;essen". To find out whether this is creepy idea really is some truth to this, the Portal 'SELF' with two experts talking.

Just a myth?

The insect identifier, and an instructor in the Department of insects research at Penn State University, Michael Skvarla, can take the fear.

"The idea that spiders crawl in your mouth while you sleep, let alone that you swallow a certain amount of spiders per year, is a Mythos", he explained.

"The species of spiders that often live in houses, there in a corner of your network, and leave this ungern", Skvarla know. Only mating, males are less willing to go for a short time on a journey of exploration.

Instinct keeps the spider people

There are some species that hunt their prey instead of catching them in your network. But you prefer to stay in quiet places such as closets or basements, and rarely close to the bed.

"A bed is not an appealing place, since there are usually no insects that spiders anlocken", Skvarla explained. For the eight-legged creepy-crawlies and animal so there is no reason to explore a bed.

Since spiders perceive in different ways the presence of a prey, she keeps also her instinct of people. If you move in your sleep, and breathe this Vibration, namely, a great distraction.

And even if a spider verrirrt in the night to your mouth, it is still extremely unlikely that you choke on them.

Anatomically almost impossible

"The anatomy of the mouth and throat, and the physiology of sleep makes swallowing almost unmöglich", Erich Voigt, chief physician of the ear, nose and throat medicine at the NYU Langone Health declared to 'Self'.

Your first line of defense is your sense of touch: If something is crawling on your face, you feel it in your sleep and scrub it out of reflex.

Even if you don’t notice the Crawling on your face, would have closed your mouth while sleeping. If he is open, snoring, you probably.

The thus generated Vibration deters the animal. Should not, however, distribute the of the spider, and you would keys to in your mouth, would your gag reflex used.

"This contraction sets in, if something is in your throat, and you swallow. Even if a spider does not trigger this Reflex, you’d have to cough to start and so loswerden", know Voigt.

If a very crafty spider managed through your neck, it would stop your esophagus you. This is because the sphincter at the upper end only opens when you Chew and Swallow.

Now, if all of these unlikely to occur factors, and you’re sitting in addition, during Sleep the saliva to produce, and you have to swallow and a spider exactly in this Moment, in your neck, then you could swallow you theoretical.

As this list of coincidences shows, however, this is very unlikely. You can be assured to swallow one or even several spiders in your sleep.