Vienna in Check: discount stores products from Lidl and Aldi, top, organic sausage flops

Crispy Wiener sausages are very popular: Whether it’s in a bun with mustard in the soup or simply eaten between meals – a Wiener always. Stiftung Warentest has tested 21 products, 14 of them scored as “good”. A Bio-sausage fell through because of bacterial contamination with “poor”.

Perfect Vienna sausages are, if their red-brown shell is slightly crisp, the Inside pink looks and slightly salty tastes. And you should not smell of smoke and taste. In an investigation of the Stiftung Warentest, two out of three Viennese from the refrigerated section have convinced the auditors.

Of the 21 test were from the refrigerated section seven organic and seven poultry sausages. 14 of 21 sausages reached, the test verdict “good”. In the case of three of the tasters are impressed especially by the taste. It is

  • Mill sausages, Wiener of Rügenwalder Mühle pork ($1.32/100 g),
  • Biowiener from pork and beef from Lidl, butchers, fresh, (1.25 euros/100 g) and the
  • Poultry Vienna Güldenhof of Aldi Nord (60 cents/100 g).

Five sausages reach only the judgment of “satisfactory”. Deduction there is, for example, if the casing is too tough when Chewing or the taste slightly sour.

Germs and oil through discovered: Two Wiener fall

The deli wieners of Mühlenhof Penny (70 cents/100 g) have been evaluated on the basis of mineral Oil contamination, whose origin is not clear, only with “sufficient”. It could possibly come from oil.

Like the most expensive sausages in the middle of a: the taste of the poultry-Bio-Wiener by Alnatura (€1.65/100 g) describe the Tester as old and foreign sour. That is not enough: The product was germs and was assessed with “inadequate”.

The full set of test results you read in the Stiftung Warentest.

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