Watch Dr. Beau Hightower Reset Diamond Dallas Page’s Dislocated Bicep

Retired pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page is a big personality with muscles that have been stretched and flexed more than the average person. Hundreds of rounds in the ring will do that to you. But recently, the yoga enthusiast visited noted chiropractor Dr. Beau Hightower to get his body worked for a purpose—and the killer session just might make you jealous.

In a video posted to Dr. Hightower’s YouTube channel, the 65-year-old wrestling icon gets evaluated by the practitioner, showing what years of extreme sporting can do to the body. Even his bicep is dislocated, which is about as pleasant as it sounds.

After an initial evaluation, Dr. Hightower gets to work using his unique techniques and funky tools. First is some painful yet satisfying deep tissue work that leaves Page wishing Hightower lived closer to his home base. Hightower especially focuses on DDP’s neck, which is not only damaged from wrestling but from congenital spine abnormalities.

“I’m used to deep work, but this is uniquely different. This is Beau Hightower work,” DDP says in the video. After about 30 minutes of neck work by Dr. Hightower, including the chiropractor’s famous hammering, Page says he has more range of motion in his neck than he’s had in 30 years.

“All I ever see is him doing this kind of stuff,” DDP says, mimicking Dr. Hightower’s famous hammer and chisel tools. “I’m like, ‘What the hell is he going to be doing to me?’ But it really works.”

Now on to that dislocated bicep, which is causing weakness in DDP’s right arm. Page says he dislocated it years ago—not in the ring, but from carrying a “big ass TV.” With some work—and yes, more hammering away—DDP is amazed at the functional difference in his right arm.

“That just made it so much stronger, man,” DDP says to Dr. Hightower of his bicep work.

The adjustments may be mesmerizing, but be sure to watch the video to the end for a look around DDP’s memorabilia. Now that’s equally as impressive.

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