Woman who lost her legs writes hilarious Tinder bio

‘Getting back into dating has been a feat in and of itself,’ Mandy explained to Metro.co.uk.

‘I meet a lot of interesting people. I made the Tinder in the hopes of making other people smile despite my misfortune.’

Mandy, who’s also studying at The University of Colorado, hasn’t let her accident control her life: the double-amputee climbed a 2,700-step mountain trail last year using just her arms.

A year before that, she lost both of her legs above the knee after she was hit by a coal train near a bar in Nebraska three years ago.

She believes she was slipped a date-rape drug and doesn’t remember anything after leaving the bar for a cigarette.

‘I definitely find it hard to trust people,’ she tells us.

‘Also, I haven’t exactly had the best luck with relationships for example, most recently I tried dating this blind guy and got cheated on.’

But she’s still happy to try her luck on dating apps and enjoys having a laugh on Tinder.

‘Everyone absolutely loves my Tinder bio. This is my second Tinder to go viral as an advocate for dating with disabilities, but this is my favourite because it adequately reflects my personality.

‘I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m proud to be some strong coffee.’

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