A ‘Cheap’ Mom’s Controversial Parenting Hack Has Gone Viral on TikTok & The Internet is Fiercely Divided

One mom on TikTok shared a parenting hack that has viewers feeling all kinds of ways. Every Friday night, her family goes to a restaurant together. While she and the others order meals, her son eats a meal she made for him.

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“Call me cheap, call me whatever, but if we’re going out to a restaurant, I’m packing my kid a meal,” she said in her now-viral video. “I do this for many reasons … For one, you want me to pay $6.99 for chicken tenders and fries that my son is going to throw half of it on the floor? You’re crazy. Also, whatever I pack is probably going to be healthier than what the restaurant has anyways.”

She then showed off the lunchbox she packed which included a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a cut-up banana, cheese cubes, and a chocolate Lara bar. This mom went on to explain that at a restaurant, her son will not wait for the server to come around. He wants to eat, and he wants to eat now. And honestly, we know the pain of bringing a kid to a restaurant and them getting restless and hangry as they wait to order and get their food. So yes, it’s not uncommon for parents to bring a little snack or order a kid’s meal as soon as they’re seated.

But bringing an entire dinner?! Well, an entire dinner minus the chocolate milk this mom usually orders her son as “his little takeout treat.” Nearly 2,000 people commented on this video, and boy do they have thoughts.

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