Easy Kids Arts & Crafts Projects You Can Do Right in Your (Tiny) Kitchen

On this particular quarantine day (what? why else would you be Googling “easy kids arts and crafts“?), the answer to your indoor-boredom needs doesn’t lie in the playroom: It’s time to get those kids into the kitchen.

No, we’re not suggesting you start teaching your kids to make a soufflé (although learning to cook as a family is its own thrilling education to be sure). We’re talking about arts and crafts using supplies stocked in your pantry, fridge and kitchen cupboards. From using sponges and fruits as stamps to making your own homemade play dough, these 12 kitchen projects will be fun for kids of all ages.

Homemade lava lamp

Can you believe all you need to make this homemade lava lamp is vegetable oil, antacid, neon food coloring and a Mason jar or water bottle?

DIY Pop Rocks candy recipe

Grab the baking soda, sugar, corn syrup, food coloring and other supplies from your pantry to make this homemade Pop Rocks candy.

Owl magnets

Save up some frozen juice can lids, and the kids will love turning them into magnets with their own designs.

Erupting lemon volcano

All you need for this fun science activity is lemons, baking soda, food coloring, dish soap, craft sticks and a plate or bowl.

Butterfly printing with sponges

This is so easy to do: Wrap a hair tie around a kitchen sponge, and get to painting!

Edible slime

The kids will love playing around with these Starburst candies-turned-edible slime.

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A version of this article was originally published in January 2008.

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