Fill Those Easter Baskets With Toys Your Kids Will Love

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Easter means a lot of things to many people — chocolate, the arrival of spring for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, egg hunts, the end of Lent, religious stuff we won’t get into on these pages. For a lot of kids, it also means one more morning in which they might wake up to surprise toys from their parents.

As much as we don’t want to raise spoiled children, it is just so rewarding to see the looks on our kids’ faces when they open a gift from us. At least on Easter, we can restrict ourselves to whatever fits into a basket, and maybe price our gifts accordingly. That still leaves quite a world of possibilities. You can go with the whole Easter theme, choosing nothing but bunnies, eggs, baby chicks, and pastel colors. Or you can get your kids toys that they’ll want to play with all year long. As you’ll see with most of the toys we’ve listed here, a gift under $20 can be wildly entertaining. We’re talking about everything from art projects to drones, and LEGO kits to dolls. And yeah, there are bunnies and eggs for good measure.

A side note for parents shopping close to Easter Sunday: Though we’ve linked to big online stores here, you might want to do a quick search to see if your neighborhood’s independent toy store also sells toys online. They might be able to get you goods sooner than a big-box chain.

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  • Build-a-Bear Pawlett Easter Basket Gift Set

    Image Credit: Build-a-Bear

    This adorable Easter basket is packed with fun for your child. It includes Pawlette the bunny, a sequin Easter egg, and a pink bow. You also get extra surprises like a bunny hair scrunchie, an eye mask, and a slap bracelet. And it also sits beautifully inside the plush pink basket. The bundle is an online exclusive, which means you’ll have to order from Build-a-Bear, but you can also shop for other Easter picks while you’re there!

    Pawlett Easter Basket Gift Set$44.30, originally $52.50
    Buy now


  • Gund Baby Tinkle Crinkle Bunny Lovey

    Image Credit: Gund.

    While you’ll be enchanted by this bunny’s tasteful design, your baby will probably be paying attention to its colors, texture, and crinkly sounds. That’s enough sensory stimulation to make this a great educational toy, too!

    Gund Baby Tinkle Crinkle Bunny Lovey$22.00
    Buy now

  • Slumberkins Gift Baskets

    Image Credit: Slumberkins

    This brand of plush toys and board books helps parents teach their kids important lessons about their feelings. This set makes a garden party come to life. It includes a mini strawberry, kale, turnip, and mushroom. You also get a Yak’s Garden Party book and a Patchling Puzzle. Plus, you can earn a free basket on orders totally $85 or more.

    Yak’s ‘Lil Patchlings Set$92.79, originally $115.99
    Buy now

  • Hatchimals CollEGGtibles 4-Pack

    Image Credit: Spinmaster.

    Nothing says “Easter” quite like beyond-adorable critters hatching out of pastel eggs, right? And sure, you may have to explain to the kiddos that while birds do hatch from eggs, kittens do not, just consider that a fun way of incorporating a lesson on science vs. holiday magic. Did we mention they’re beyond adorable?? Plus, these cuties shine bright when you place them on a light — just to add to the festive springtime fun.

    Hatchimals CollEGGtibles$19.74, originally $24.95
    Buy now


  • Mondo Llama Paint-Your-Own Wood Easter Eggs Kit

    Image Credit: Mondo Llama

    Forget the food coloring. With this kit, kids can use pastel paints to create stunning spring eggs. They can also add additional googly eyes, glitter, paint, pom-poms — anything you have in your craft room, to turn wooden eggs into Faberge-worthy works of art.

    6pc Paint-Your-Own Wood Easter Eggs Kit$5.00
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  • Kid Made Modern Paper Mache T-Rex Kit

    Image Credit: Kid Made Modern.

    For the kids who aren’t so into Easter’s typical fuzzy bunnies and decorative eggs, there are still options for crafting! With paint, glue, googly eyes — and yes, glitter and gems — they can make their own fierce T-Rex.

    Kid Made Modern Paper Mache T-Rex Kit$26.99
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  • Eggmazing Egg Decorator

    Image Credit: Hey Buddy Hey Pal.

    Maybe you never realized how much you needed a motorized egg-decorating machine before. Once you see it in action, you will understand how brilliant it is. Pop in an extra-large (hard-boiled, we hope) egg, grab some of the included markers, and make some egg-celent art. (Egg puns not included.)

    Eggmazing Egg Decorator$19.99
    Buy now

  • Puttisu Glitter Nail Stickers

    Image Credit: Puttisu.

    We can just picture how perfect this adorable bottle will look peeking its head out of a basket. This polish-and-sticker kit is easy enough for kids to do themselves, and it’s completely nontoxic.

    Puttisu Glitter Nail Stickers$15.00
    Buy now

  • LEGO City Ice-Cream Truck

    Image Credit: LEGO.

    One of the best things about LEGO, from a parents’ perspective, is that you can get so much playtime out of a gift that’s less than $20. Not only can they enjoy building this ice-cream truck, but they can have open-ended imaginative play when it’s complete.

    LEGO City Ice-Cream Truck$15.99, originally $19.99
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  • Hog Wild Narwhal Popper

    Image Credit: Hog Wild.

    Give one of these funny little animals a squeeze and their foam balls can fly as far as 20 feet across the room. The balls are soft enough to avoid injuring anyone or breaking anything. Choose from pigs, hedgehogs, unicorns, sloths, dragons, sharks, and more.

    Hog Wild Narwhal Popper$11.99, originally $13.95
    Buy now

  • Polly Pocket Tiny World Polly & Dolphin Toy

    Image Credit: Mattel.

    It’s kind of impressive how much detail goes into a Polly Pocket toy. Inside this little locket, kids will uncover a treasure chest, an oyster with a pearl, an aquarium, a dolphin, diving gear, and Polly herself.

    Polly Pocket Tiny World Polly & Dolphin Toy$8.79
    Buy now

  • Sky Viper DASH Nano Drone

    Image Credit: Sky Rocket.

    Drones are now commonplace enough that you can give them to your older kids and not worry that they’ll get a $400 device permanently stuck in a tree. We certainly would advise you to start them out on something small and easy to control. (It also has no camera, so you don’t have to worry about inadvertent spying.)

    Sky Viper DASH Nano Drone$22.95
    Buy now

  • Smack It Card Game

    Image Credit: Arizona Game Co.

    This relatively simple card game resembles Slap Jack and War, and it promises to result in fierce competition and silly fun. You know, just as long as no one smacks each other too hard.

    Smack It Card Game$8.99
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  • Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

    Image Credit: Stomp Rocket.

    One thing we love about Stomp Rockets, other than how cathartic it is to stomp on them, is that kids can have just as much fun playing with them by themselves as they do with a friend, sibling, or adult. This latest stunt-plane edition of the toy teaches kids how adjustments to the aerodynamics of each model make them swoop and fly in different ways.

    Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes$24.99, originally $29.99
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