Gifting a nomad mom or a feminist chef? We've got you

It’s that time of year. The calendar — but more likely just every single store window/website/ad — is asking you: Is there a mom in your life who deserves a token of your love?

Sure, many of us have complicated (to say the least) relationships with our mothers. And yes, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are not the most inclusive holidays. And yes, these holidays can be beyond tough for those of us who have lost a partner or a parent of our own. That said, if there is a mom — biological or adoptive or step or in-law or otherwise — in your life who you want to honor this Mother’s Day, you probably want to gift her in style. And that means no kitschy charm bracelets, no aprons and in the name of all that is good, no engraved Lucite heart-shaped keepsake clocks. Really. Click out of that Amazon window; we’ll wait.

Instead, gift her something that’s as unique as she is — and tailor-made to suit her weird and wonderful personality. And although there are as many mom genres as there are stars in the sky, we took a crack at gathering just a few of our favorite mom archetypes (momchetypes?) and the elegant, unusual items we think they’d love. So, if you’re shopping for a skater mom, a travel mom, a design-sponge mom or an enviro-mom (or all of the above) this May, get ready to find just the thing — and probably get one for yourself too.

For the basic wine mom

You know the one. And let’s just say this up front: We here at SheKnows are super into moms’ varied relationships with drinking, as long as they’re healthy and working for all involved (you know, mom, kids, partner, cats, what have you). So whether you’re a sober mom or one who loves boozy brunch with the kids, you do you. That said, we’re pretty sure at least one of your (basic but oh-so-elegant) mom friends can’t wait for Mother’s Day on the porch in her J.Crew with rosé allllll day. This pretty and portable assortment from Vinebox is just for her.

The rosé collection, $49 at Vinebox.

For the nomad mom

You know she already has a passport case, luggage tags and a myriad of in-flight gadgets and travel masks, right? What the traveling matriarch really needs is a place to stash her crap when she’s still at home — and then grab it again stat when she heads out the door 35 minutes before her flight takes off. (OK, fine, this mom is me. You figured it out!)

Dotted basket tray, $68 at Of a Kind

For the ahead-of-the-trend mom

Because tassels are the new pom-poms, didn’t you know?

Izzy earrings, $46 at Akoka Jewelry

For the skater mom

If you ask me, Vans are always the correct gift. And this collab with Madewell is spot-on — in a very-2018 neutral shade.

Vans unisex classic slip-on sneakers, $55 at Madewell

For the type-A mom

If you know a mom who just can’t help but organize everything, give her a boost with this sneaky addition to any purse or handbag. The waterproof pockets can turn a Birkin into a baby bag and no one’s the wiser.

ToteSavvy, $72 at ToteSavvy

For the sleep-deprived mom

Yes, OK, fine. That’s all moms — but if one on your list would reeeeeally benefit from some extra z’s and you have the cash to spare, set her up for a chic night’s rest with this bedside kit, complete with journal, sleep mask, carafe with water-and-possibly-also-whiskey glass, Herbivore lip conditioner, scented soy wax candle and cute matches to boot.

By Her Side kit, $153.50 at Knack

For the feminist chef

Who says you can’t smash the patriarchy and cook up a mean manicotti? For the mom who does it all, a reminder that she’s setting a great example for the next gen of power gals.

Strong Women Make Waves tea towel, $9.95 at PaperSource

For the artsy enviro-mom

Whoever said eco-chic had to mean gifting granola and recycled five-toed shoes? Inspire Mom to bring meals to work — and save on packaging waste and bucks — with this lovely lunch box.

Painted lunch pouch, $29.95 at PaperSource

For the beach-witch babe

And speaking of eco-totes, help your retired mom in Florida (or, you know, your journalist mom in Rio de Janeiro — all the more power to her) live her best beach life with a classic black-and-white carryall. Oh, and forget everything I said back there about pom-poms.

Black-and-white pom seagrass tote, $34.95 at PaperSource

For the natural-beauty nerd

Many moms want one. But few moms can justify dropping even medium cash on an unnecessary (what’s “necessary,” really?) but deliciously cool pink quartz thingy you roll around your face in hopes of de-puffing. But that’s what gifts are for, right?

Rose quartz roller, $39 at GingerChi

For the retro-minded yogi

High waists are back, and I for one am thrilled. But this here tall lady’s quest for the perfect actually-really-high-enough-waisted yoga pant was in vain until I found Crane & Lion. This design does not disappoint (nor does it ever, ever creep down and show too much butt mid-koundinyasana).

High-waisted tight, $100 at Crane and Lion

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