The Special Meaning Behind Ronda Rousey’s New Daughter’s Name

MMA fighters Ronda Rousey and husband Travis Browne recently welcomed their first child, a baby girl, and her name is beautiful: La’akea Makalapuaokalanipō.

Rousey and Browne announced the birth of their first child on September 27 with an Instagram photo of Rousey wearing the girl in a baby sling and sharing the name.

“La’akea’s name means ‘sacred [and] clear [or] light’ from laʻa meaning ‘sacred, holy’ and kea meaning ‘white, light, and clear,’” Jennifer Moss, the founder and CEO of the website BabyNames, tells SheKnows adding that the moniker has Hawaiian roots. Browne is originally from Honolulu and the couple chose the idyllic island as their wedding destination in 2017.

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This week, Rousey also shared a video on Instagram video of herself lying in a hospital bed and rubbing the little girl’s back. “I can’t believe Pō is over a week old already,” she captioned her post. “She’s so perfect I wish we could bottle up these times and revisit them forever.” Aww!

It was a challenging pregnancy for Rousey who in July remarked on Instagram, “I wish I could say that pregnancy feels amazing, that I’ve never felt more powerful as a woman. But it feels more like my organs are being crushed by the miracle of life.”

“I’ve never felt more exhausted, unmotivated or aware of gravity,” she continued. “Some days I have to lay on my side for hours just to comfortably breathe. There’s no break, it’s a grind, I’m just trying to get through one day at a time.”

Rousey ended the post with a sweet message to her unborn baby, whom she nicknamed Po: “I’m already so in love with you, I’ll do anything for you – sign me up for a five-year coelacanth pregnancy if need be. I’m not gunna lie and say even just a few months hasn’t been a pain in the ass – but you’re worth it all and more. Eat some muscles, dance on my bladder, split all the abs and buttholes you need to come safely into this world. Mama can’t wait to meet you.”

Childbirth is nothing like in the movies, as these beautiful photos show.

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