Brain-dead brings a healthy child into the world

Catarina Sequeira is already brain-dead since December, however, brought a healthy son to the world. The Portuguese was in the fifth month of pregnancy, when she suffered a severe asthma attack. In the hospital, the 26-Year-old in a long-term anesthesia can be treated, but her condition progressively worsened. 26. December declared Doctors you are brain dead. In order to save the unborn child, the family decided to ventilate Sequeira continues to artificially.

The young woman suffered since Childhood from Asthma, but had still desired a career in sports as a kayaker and international competitions participated in. Asthmatics suffer from a chronic inflammation of the Airways, causing a narrowing of the bronchi. So it comes to the for Asthma the typical symptoms such as shortness of breath, shortness of breath, cough or a Tight feeling in the chest, which usually occur paroxysmally. Curable the disease is not. The symptoms but can be, for example, with Asthma inhalers. A seizure is fatal, is very rare.

Actually, the Doctors wanted to delay the birth

Sequeiras son Salvador came in the 31. Week of pregnancy and weighed at birth is 1.7 kilograms. According to the Doctors is the boy all right, but he will have to stay another three weeks in the hospital.

The Doctors wanted to 32 the birth originally, at least up to the. Pregnancy week delay, because newborn babies have very good chances of Survival. On Thursday, the Situation was, however, abruptly critical, so the Doctors took the child by caesarean section on the world.

The ethics Committee of the hospital justified the decision to keep Sequeiras body alive to the fact that the 26-Both never had against organ donation. “As a donor it is not just about to donate a liver, a heart or a lung, but also to be able to make his body available, so that a child can live,” said the Chairman of the ethics Commission, Filipe Almeida, to “Observador”.

In Portugal, the so-called contradiction solution, which is currently being discussed for Germany. Therefore, each is considered to be an organ donor. Unless he or she has opposed during his lifetime. Sequeira had not done this, which is why it was automatically to be an organ donor. According to the media, several of her organs transplanted were reports, now discounted.

It is not the first Time that Doctors are able to obtain a pregnancy in spite of brain death of the mother upright. In 2011, this has been achieved, for example, in Saudi Arabia. In Germany, a similar one was discussed in the 1992 nationwide violently. At the time, not the Doctors in Erlangen, however, to save the Unborn.