Calorie traps at the Christmas market: So you can feast on healthier

Who wants to eat healthy has made it to the Christmas market is not usually easy. Completely is also not an Option is for many. Often it is in the group, creating a social pressure is created, which you often can not escape can or wants to.

It rejects the mulled wine, is good only once, obliquely. Between Black or White, between renunciation and self-indulgence, but luckily, a wide range of grey tones. And in our case, from compromises. So you can feast without breaking the caloric framework.

1. Punch instead of mulled wine

Bad news for all the mulled wine-Fans: The Christmas market, classic skin, unfortunately, is very nice and clean. Alcohol includes many calories. Due to the additional sugar in the mulled wine you get per Cup of whole 210 calories. The popular shot of Rum to it, and it’s another 70 calories more.

Topped the popular hot drink, by the way, from the also coveted eggnog. Here comes to a whopping up to 367 calories. For comparison: This is about as much as a chicken Burger. And with a drink it is known to be rare.

Alternative: alcohol-free mulled wine – so kids punch contains per Cup of just 94 calories. Who does not abstain from alcohol like, you can also on the Apple punch draw, the also around 100 calories is.

2. Chestnut beat roasted almonds

Roasted almonds are a Must for many when it comes to the Christmas market. A Snack between meals? Of due to. A small 100-gram bag contains just 500 calories. And really sick of you not is also. The nuts provide valuable Omega-3 fatty acids – the thickness of the sugar layer but ensures that the box-office hit to a high-caloric candy is.

Alternative: Roasted Chestnuts, or chestnuts contain up to 100 grams is only 200 calories. As compared with roasted almonds, this is just the half of it. Another plus point is that Due to the high fiber content make Chestnuts especially saturated and are good for digestion.

The ordinary proportion of long-chain carbohydrates, which also ensures that the blood sugar rises after eating slowly and for a relatively long time remains stable. Also are Chestnuts with a fat content of only two percent a lot healthier than roasted almonds.

3. Bratwurst and French fries: hearty Alternatives

The Bratwurst is a staple for many from the Christmas market. What most do not suspect: The Delicacy from the Grill is a real grease bomb. In combination with bun, French fries, and possibly Ketchup or Mayo you loose on 800 to 900 calories. This meal has it really in itself.

Alternative: ask for a Bratwurst made of veal. This version is less greasy than the traditional pork bratwurst. Also you can take the supplements omit or replace. How would it be, for example, with a herb salad? As a fries replacement is also a delicious baked potato, the us just 150 kilocalories provided. Note: With Sauce, such as cream cheese, around 150 to 200 kilo calories in it come back up.

4. Baked fish vs. Flammlachs

Fish is in the German Christmas markets are very popular. Especially baked fish is all the rage. But beware: One Serving with Tartar sauce and brings it to 500 to 600 kilocalories and 30 grams of fat.

Alternative: Flammlachs. The Finnish Treat usually costs a little more, but is definitely the better choice for fishing Fans. The special feature: The original fat-rich fish is prepared in such a way that the fat into a drip tray collects. Per Serving stay around 200 calories and 9.5 percent fat – the Sauce is here, however, is not yet included.

5. Calories potato cakes: Rather have a crepe

Grater cake-Fans must be very strong. The usual Serving of three buffers with applesauce is almost 700 kilo-calories. In addition, the Christmas market classic saturates only for a short time, and by the frying process, TRANS-fatty acids. Carbohydrates, the swim in “bad” fat: A light meal is different.

Alternative: anyone Who is not on grater cake dispense like, can Treat at home to cook for themselves, and in the oven. In this way, it saves fat a lot of and also calories. At the Christmas market offers instead of the potato cakes, for example, a crepe , and with around 250 calories a little less content full. Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that this court also saturates long and Toppings such as sugar or Nutella for a real treat.

6. Paradise Apple? The baked Apple will do

Admittedly, the shiny red Apple looks good enough to eat, but exuding a beautiful fragrance. With the thick sugar layer we do but neither our teeth nor the character a Favor. 350 calories for a little thing that we, as a Snack or dessert to eat – but is it a must?

Alternative: The baked Apple without sugar layer and, therefore, just half as many calories from. The traditional Christmas treat supplies by the nut filling even some of the healthy nutrients.

7. The healthy winner

On many Christmas markets is Kale stew offered. The winter vegetables contains not only the valuable vitamins C, E and K , but saturates a long-lasting and is also extremely low in fat. This is a lean piece of meat instead of a full-bodied Sausage, and is the ideal meal: A normal Serving is around 205 calories and 8 grams of fat. You can see the difference.

You see, even in the time of gluttony , we always have the choice. Who really don’t want to fall into temptation, should heed the following tips:

  • Not hungry and off they go to eat you in front the Christmas market visit in the best fed properly. So you can avoid the munchies – A snack you can treat yourself anyway.
  • Focus differently put: Christmas markets have so much more to offer than the many food stalls. They focus rather on the stands where products other than mulled wine, almonds & Co. be sold.
  • Christmas market-eating as the main meal: If you plan to go to the Christmas market to eat, think of the Sausage or the potato cakes are best as a full-fledged meal. Short: Adjust your diet so that the Treats no “Also” but “Instead” pose. So you save not only cooking, but above all a Surplus of calories.

Finally, of Course, should you just a little treat, time to kick over the traces and enjoy. Because one should always keep in mind: It’s not so important what we eat between Christmas and the new year, but what we eat between new year and Christmas.

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