CDU stops Spahns plans for free genetic testing

Parents have a dangerous genetic disease, you can have the genome of your unborn children to examine. The cost for the treatment of up to 4,000 euros, you need to wear. The Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) wanted to commit the change, and the health insurance companies to pay for the treatment. But his party is now against the plans.

To give the project it’s still “in discussions”, said Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) in Berlin. Spahn announced, to Mature his plans at a later date.

Proposal rejected unanimously

Studies of embryos in Germany are subject to strict legal regulations. Only under special circumstances, an Embryo prior to the planting of all genetically may be examined; by using the preimplantation genetic diagnosis, in short, PID. Either there must be the risk of serious hereditary diseases or the high probability of a stillbirth or a miscarriage. PID ethics committees to decide in individual cases whether an investigation is allowed.

The cost of the PID to a takeover by the health insurance companies should be regulated in the framework of the appointment service and pension act (TSVG). The thrust of criticism, because the amendment actually will be shorter waiting times in doctor’s offices. The revision of the PID within a appointment law, acting “under pushed” criticized the Union group, according to a report in the “world”. The working group health of the CDU/CSU-group, therefore, unanimously against Spahns plans.

“Heave-Ho procedure”

Also representatives of the Church had positioned itself recently against Spahns projects. They accused the Minister, to the Change in a “parliamentary heave-Ho procedure” to implement.

“We’ll look at the rest,” announced brink house now. The project, to make the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, in exceptional cases, to the Fund, will not be included in the appointment service of the law, informed the Ministry of health. However, the topic should be called new, when the Federal Ministry of health national this year, a report on the experience with PID.