Girls are worse in math

Still the prejudice exists that women have more difficulties in scientific subjects such as mathematics, Informatics, natural science and technology. To different brain functions or conditions, it is not, but shows a study in the journal of the Science of Learning.

The research team of the Carnegie Mellon University in the USA has been able to find no gender-specific differences in brain function, or the mathematical skills of boys and girls. With imaging techniques, they represent the brain activity of 104 children between three and ten years and compared the changes through age-appropriate teaching watch videos about Counting and Adding.

There were girls and boys, neither differences in the brain development is still in the processing of the instructional videos, and both sexes showed an identical interest in the Videos. Tests for the detection of early-childhood math skills also yielded equivalent results.

Prejudice and education köcould Mägirl unsettle

Head of the study, Jessica Cantlon believes that society and culture, girls and young women keep away from the natural Sciences. It refers to earlier studies in which it was shown that boys spend their Childhood more time with Games that train the spatial perception. Also, many teachers would turn to boys during the math lessons more and make them future successes in the professional predictions. Children record, and also the expectations of their parents.

"The typical socialization can be the smallest of differences between boys and girls verschärfen", Cantlon said. "We must be of these origins, in order to ensure that we are the causes for gender inequalities."