Hairdressers open again – you need to consider now

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This day have been waiting eagerly for many of us: The day that the hairdressers are open again and we get our hairstyle (if you can call it so) is finally back in the handle. However, various protective measures and restrictions with Opening associated. We asked celebrity Stylist Shan Rahimkhan, what we must note now.

For us, this is an extremely difficult Situation, because we must ensure the safety of the people. Both of my employees, to my customers.

Whoever, therefore, on the relaxing trip to the Hairdresser with a coffee and a head massage is happy, we have to disappoint. For a Hairdresser, according to Shan Rahimkhan at the moment rather a means to an end than a Spa treatment. Nevertheless, it is, especially for small salons and companies, it is important that you can record the operation again.

Each customer who enters the Store, must wear a Mouth guard. And, of course, the hands disinfected. Seriously, I think that we can ever offer any drinks, because you are not allowed to remove the Mouth guard. Just for us, it is actually about feeling good and Enjoy.

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Also, treatments such as eyebrow tinting, make-up service and co., all fall away. Also accompaniments, such as children, or best friend may not naturally come.

There are only so many customers in the Store, such as hairdressers can work. Thus, as long as a customer is not ready, can’t get the other in. This is all a bit tricky. We are booked full.

Heart disease in focus

As the heart centre Bad Oeynhausen-risk patients treated

So who wants to necessarily to the hairdresser, the claws of an appointment quickly, because they’re currently more popular than ever, and limited. Shan tells that you can use in its Salons under normal circumstances, three times as many customers would have. Especially for small Salons, this is now a challenge.

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Of course, should only come from, who is also healthy. If you use all your wits and stick to the rules, there is no reason to worry. These are just precautions and we adhere of course to everything.

Not necessarily to the hairdresser

If you had to actually go URGENTLY to the hairdresser, but you, the Whole is still uncertain, you can of course also do something so that your hair will stay as healthy as possible. Shan’s advice:

I’ve found that a lot of people brush their hair. The is simply lost. This is incredibly healthy for the hair, closes the cuticle layer of the hair and adds Shine.

Twice a day we should comb our hair, and otherwise, it’s time for experimenting. We can give according to Shan confidently hair treatments and hair oils in the hair, even if they are too heavy for your own hair. Who is already at home, it doesn’t bother you, if the hair is a bit flat, or we have the cure for three hours to soak in.

I think it is good to use the time to try things out, to always make time. But please, not the Pony cut, or similar things, because including one suffers then for a very long time. Because you’re unnecessarily for three more weeks in quarantine …

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