Health booster ginger tea: With this Trick, you get even more Power from the tuber – Video

If you have a cold, many are grasping for the ginger tea. Because in the root of a lot of vitamins and minerals stuck. As you prepare these at the best, knows nutrition expert Uwe Knop.

The ginger root is considered very healthy and is used for many complaints, such as headaches, as a medicinal plant. In your plug, especially a lot of vitamins and minerals. So ginger is also frequently used for colds, in the Form of tea. As you get even more out of the tuber, white nutrition expert Uwe Knop.

The misconception about the shell

The theory that ginger should not be peeled. Because, supposedly, most of the nutrients are under the skin. Uwe Knop says: “The shell is in many foods is a myth. If ginger is peeled at the time of preparation or not, is no matter.“

The nutritionist advises, nevertheless, rather, to remove the shell and cut the fennel in very thin slices. Because the destroyed cell surface is increased and, accordingly, more materials can diffuse into the tea.

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The high-concentrate contains even more substances

If you like it very sharp and like to pure juices to drink, can put the ginger in the juicer. Uwe Knop advises: “This is really to recommend, since here the secondary plant substances are highly concentrated. The juice tastes very intense and for many is too strong.“

The high concentrate can also be added to teas, juices, or Asian dishes. Important: add only so much of it that it tastes good, too. Because only a feel-good effect.