How can stress heart related to avoid problems?

Sometimes Stress can be useful to achieve an important goal or to escape dangerous situations. Long-term stress, however, may affect the General well-being and heart health. An expert gives tips on how you can deal with it.

Dr. Ernesto L. Schiffrin from Montreal warns: "Irritability, anxiety, depression, Rumination, and insomnia can result from chronic Stress." Also physical symptoms such as headache, stomach ache, muscular tension, insomnia, lack of energy and high blood pressure can be the result of long-term stress. Some people respond to Stress with Smoking, overeating or lack of exercise, what is the risk for cardiovascular diseases increases along with a high blood pressure.

For many people, the workplace is a source of Stress. Schiffrin advises to set priorities for the things that are most important to you, and a compatibility of family and profession: "Take time for friends, family and Laughter." Regular exercise helps relieve Stress and improve mood, and it has a positive effect on blood pressure. A lot of benefit, for example, by the combination of movement, controlled breathing and relaxation Yoga.

Good sleep and Serenity

Stress can interfere with sleep, and lack of sleep can lead, in turn, &ndash more Stress; a vicious circle. Schiffrin advises to sleep in a cool, dark and quiet room. Shortly before bedtime, you should not play sports, as well as alcohol and high-calorie avoid food.

A positive attitude helps reduce Stress. "A certain degree of Calmness in the face of the challenges of life can help to improve the perception of Stress and to erreichen&quot a better quality of life and cardiovascular health;, Schiffrin said. In the case of continuous stress or symptoms of Depression, you could also get to the doctor for help.


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