Millions of Germans suffer from osteoporosis: Young and Thin are at risk

Osteoporosis is considered to be typical of the Suffering of old women. Because as soon as the Estrogen ceases production, the bones become brittle. But the Balance of bone formation and removal can also be advised in young women out of balance – often they are super thin, and drive a lot of sports.

Our bones are not static Entities. You have a rain metabolism, the Balance between bone formation (osteoblasts) and bone breakdown cells (osteoclasts) is regulated. The removal majority of cells on the duration, suffering from bone density. The bones become porous and full of holes. A harmless fall can you let break. By then, the osteoporosis is visible, at least six million people in Germany suffer. 80 percent of them are older women.

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Hormone waste makes bones brittle

To blame for the fragile bones in old age, dwindling hormone production. “The lack of Oestrogen after the menopause is the main reason for the rapid bone loss in the typical Oasteoporosepatientin,” says Ralf Schmid Maier, head of the Osteological focus of the center of the hospital of the University of Munich. “Even in older men with osteoporosis is the drop in hormones is responsible for the disease. If you happens but at a slower pace. They therefore show later symptoms of bone loss.“

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Osteoporosis as an accompanying symptom of diseases

Younger women and men suffer from osteoporosis, it is rare, but also fatal. Often the bone loss is an accompanying symptom of diseases (Cushing’s disease, breast cancer), a hormone or metabolic disorder (Hyperactivity of thyroid, parathyroid) or from long-term medications (cortisone, hormone-lowering drug, breast cancer drugs). It is, therefore, of secondary osteoporosis the speech. “In such circumstances, physicians should always have the bone quality for their patients in the eye,” says osteoporosis expert.

Risk factors: anorexia and excessive sports

As a risk candidate for Osteoprose in young women with anorexia and those that drive excessive sports. These women are usually very slim and lightweight. “A BMI of less than 20 is considered to be risky for bone health,” says Schmid Maier. “Slightly Overweight protects the bone against it.” And he explains: “The bones are a living organism and they fit. You need to carry a lot of weight, they develop more mass, in a light-weight is correspondingly less.“

In the case of the excessive Sports, fractures are more common and are a possible Signal of inadequate bone density. The hormone production is disturbed, healing of these fractures even worse. Experts, such as the bone specialist Schmid Maier urge, therefore, that at least in the case of a fracture after a low force or slow healing of the bone quality in young female patients should be considered.

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Warning: When the period ends

Another warning signal in terms of bone health, the Absence of a period in young women. Because that shows that the hormone production is disturbed. Especially in combination with inadequate calcium and Vitamin D supply can lead to early bone loss. Ralf Schmid-Maier says: “The mineralization of bone with calcium and Vitamin D is quick to start. But the osteoporosis lost knochenm material is irretrievably lost.“

While excessive Sport is a risk factor for osteoporosis, is Sport in General is an important structure factor for the bone. It has been shown that men with osteoporosis-lived diagnosis before they were 50, previously mostly very bewegungsarm.

Strong bones are built at a young age

The Foundation for strong bones is laid in Childhood and youth. Who moves in these years, a lot of build up to ten percent more bone mass than Couchptatoes. If, then, with the beginning of 30 the highest bone density is achieved and the very slow normal removal begins, have built up the movement active a good cushion that you can draw from.