More and more people are dying of cancer

In Europe, more and more people are dying of cancer. This was the result of an international research group led by Matteo Malvezzi, of the University of Milan. Nevertheless, the risk of the disease decreases for each Individual to succumb to The growing Numbers are mainly due to the ageing and growing population.

For their study, the researchers linked statistics from the world health organization (WHO), with estimates for the EU-population. On this Basis, they calculated how many cancer deaths there will be this year – and compared the current numbers with data from previous years. The most important findings at a Glance:

1. Around 1.4 million deaths due to cancer in a year

Around 1.4 million EU citizens will die, according to estimates, in 2019, to cancer. Thus, the number of people Affected increased in 2014 by almost five percent. The researchers expected, however, changes in age structure and population size, declined in the past five years, the risk of cancer death:

  • In the case of women to four per cent to 83 cases per 100,000 residents,
  • in the case of men and six per cent, to 131 cases per 100,000 residents.

The values of go back in the case of women is less strong, the researchers explain, especially with developments in Smoking behavior. In the majority of EU countries, it was in the seventies popular that even women smoked. The Affected patients now lung cancer, write the researchers in the “Annals of Oncolgy”.

For men, however, thousands of cases of cancer with the Smoking already, for decades, to explain, in contrast to the women, the number drops even.

2. Men still die more often from cancer

The EU data show that in 2019, approximately 788.000 men will die of cancer, for women, there are therefore approximately 622.000-significantly less.

The Differences in play in addition to various habits such when Smoking and also sex hormones, and genes Drink probably on the X chromosome have a role. In Detail, the causes are not clarified yet.

3. Lung cancer is by far the most dangerous

Lung cancer costs in both sexes, the majority of life. In the case of men 183.200 fatalities in the EU on the cancer disease in women 96.800. Overall, around one in every five fatal cancer began with a Tumor in the lung.

Men – the most dangerous forms of cancer

Nevertheless, the risk of dying from lung cancer has decreased for men since the eighties. In the case of women, however, it rises up through the smoke currently, 2016, the number of deaths has exceeded by lung cancer for the first time, the number of deaths due to breast cancer.

Women are the most dangerous forms of cancer

4. The Positive: There are millions of lives were saved

In the past few years, several million deaths could be prevented through cancer, the researchers report. Would the disease continue to pay developed as in 1989, would have died, it is estimated that up to today, 5.3 million people, more and more cancer, with around 3.5 million men and 1.8 million women.

Alone for the year 2019, the researchers calculated cases – in comparison to the requirements from the year 1989 – 359.000 avoided death.

5. The reasons for the positive Trend

The cause of today’s lower risk to die of cancer, differs depending on the Tumor. In the case of various forms of cancer such as colon, prostate, or cervical cancer have especially advances in diagnosis and treatment saved my life. Also the leukemia to lift the scientist better therapeutic procedures.

In cervical cancer , however, explain the researchers since the eighties, continuing the positive Trend in the mortality rate, especially with the long-term effects of the contraceptive pill, but also with the shift away from hormone replacement therapy. This has therefore also a positive effect on the risk, of breast cancer to die in addition to earlier diagnoses and better treatments.

The reduced risk due to cancer of the stomach , the researchers explain, mainly due to the decline in the number of infections with Helicobacter pylori bacteria, as well as the departure of men from Smoking. Also a healthier diet have led to measurable improvements, they write.